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Will EA stop releasing physical games in Germany and abroad? Publisher’s official rejection –

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Modernization: Official response, we learned that electronic arts will make resident go outside Games in physical form In Europe and other countries, a publisher’s spokesperson appeared, who clearly denied rumors about the possibility that the company was considering abandoning the traditional physical market.

So it comes official rejection From the above: “We have not stopped physical distribution of our games in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and players will continue to purchase our products from retailers,” an EA spokesperson told editors, “Recent news that the corresponding Inaccurately reflect Information contained in the financial statements of EA Germany”.

The question that arose this morning with a sharp refusal falls: apparently, at least for the time being and in the near future, EA will not stop distributing physical games, and will continue publishing in both digital and physical form according to tradition.

Original article:

According to gameswirtschaft, the . file German Department of Electronic Arts Which distributes the games in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia He won’t be marketing games in physical form anymore. It is unclear whether the task will be entrusted to partners or whether digital-only games will be available in these markets. The question, obviously, is whether Italy can suffer the same fate.

The The reason behind this choice It is obviously related to the fact that digital sales are becoming increasingly important in these markets and that distribution of physical games is costing more and more. Nor is it a sudden decision.

As of May 2022, in fact, contracts with local customers have already been terminated: after the restructuring, Electronic Arts no longer “makes sales of packaged products” in the German-speaking region, as we explained. As a result, EA expects”Significant decrease in revenue of sales” already in the current business year 2022/23.

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Gameswirtschaft also does some . files Examples Outside EA: Although Take-Two can boast major global successes, the German division of the Munich-based company saw sales volumes drop from 24 to 14 million euros. Also at Activision Blizzard, 90% of revenue comes from digital and the company has closed its local office.

However, it has been determined that a file Cologne Headquarters for Electronic Arts It won’t be closed because it’s also where EA games are dubbed and subtitled.

We’ve asked the PR of Electronic Arts for comment, but at the time of writing we haven’t had an answer yet: We’ll update you if there’s any news.

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