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It costs only 15 thousand euros

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One of the most important manufacturers in the absolute sense is Mitsubishi, which now offers a truly perfect city car.

At this delicate moment in history, there is no doubt that one of the key characteristics a car should be able to achieve is related to fuel economy. With the prices of the remaining petrol, diesel and more skyrocketing, motorists are increasingly relying on the savings.


An excellent solution could be the one he suggested MitsubishiA global company that seeks to satisfy its customers in every way. This time, he’ll try doing it with a new one A city car that seems really ideal for those who like to consume less. It costs about fifteen thousand euros He promised to overturn the entire automotive sector in 2023. So let’s find out more about how long this novelty will last, which can certainly make motorists happy. And not just for its really low price.

City car, dream price

The new creature from Mitsubishi is called Space Star and it is a car with compact proportions And really satisfying interiors. The clever arrangement of components allows for this. Under the hood we find a 1.2-liter petrol engine that is capable of offering enough performance for city driving.

But the real joker of this model lies in the consumption; Thanks to advanced combustion technology, in fact, it is reduced. The continuously variable transmission makes driving fun, efficient and enjoyable, and the suspension systems are designed to absorb terrain irregularities and improve ride comfort.

The car is equipped with a series of advanced safety systems, such as automatic emergency braking and vehicle stability control. Going back to the dimensions, the space star is less than four meters long, 1.66 wide and 1.50 high. It also weighs about 900 kilograms. Dimensions and weight make it the ideal vehicle for all road conditions and practically anywhere. Which, of course, could not but please a wide range of potential buyers.

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Mitsubishi Space Star, the news does not end there

Available in eight different models and at a really affordable price (about 15,000 euros), Mitsubishi Space Star It features a sturdy structure and an efficient and reliable motor. All variants are designed to make this model perform at its best in the city, even if they vary according to the needs of the buyer.

Mitsubishi Space Star (web resource) March 9, 2023
Mitsubishi Space Star (web source)

Available engines are petrol and lpg. The first is also suitable for novice drivers, and also boasts a consumption of about 20 kilometers per liter. The design shows off an imposing hood, large light clusters, chrome grille and front end with integrated lights.

The passenger compartment, as we said earlier, is spacious. The dimensions are never disappointing and there is not the slightest sense of presence inside this model in a claustrophobic manner. The connection of Apple Car Play and Android Auto could not be missing, for a car that is not waiting to be surprised in 2023.

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