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It comes from China and costs just over 10,000 euros

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SUVs have affected the entire auto industry for quite some time now, but here’s the big surprise.

There is no point in hiding it. SUVs, especially in recent years, have occupied a large space in the automotive market, a space that is becoming increasingly important. So much so that even the best known and most popular companies in the world have adapted to the automotive trend of the moment.

Chinese SUV (

Even a brand like Ferrari, always so devoted to a pure and hard-to-distort aesthetic, wanted to enter this particular segment with Purosangue.

Not to mention the Lamborghini Urus. In short, everyone loves SUVs, be they customers or manufacturers. In this sense, a car has been created that sends the entire market into a tailspin. This unprecedented innovation comes from China and costs almost as much as a small car: amazing but true.

The Chinese SUV that scares everyone: details

he is called Chery Tiggo TJ-1, and will soon debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. This SUV is only for the Chinese market, for example Designed to compete with the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender. At the moment, landing in Europe and Italy cannot be ruled out, with many voices that would give exactly this model in a western direction. As for the characteristics of the car, it has a square body and is fitted with large black reinforced plastic bumpers. The wheel arches are square. Retractable door handles and rear spoiler are typical Made-in-China items.

Chery Tiggo, the Chinese car that costs as much as a small car (

As far as the car’s interior is concerned, the steering wheel features few physical buttons. The dashboard is rectangular in shape, the infotainment screen measures 14.8 inches and there is also a head-up display. It is expected to be launched in July, and deliveries to the Chinese market are expected to begin a few weeks after its launch in the market. Focusing instead on the engines, the possible release of a 1.6 petrol engine with a seven-speed automatic transmission and a hybrid version with all-wheel drive.

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The latest version should be able to offer a range of over a hundred kilometers in electric mode alone. On the other hand, the combination of electricity and heat can exceed a thousand kilometers. The car should be equipped with all-wheel drive and it appears that the door handles will be retractable. Its price should be around 100,000 yuan (13,500 euros).. Definitely adequate price which makes the Chery Tiggo TJ-1, to say the least, an attractive SUV in the name of comfort.

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