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Here’s who will have to change the phone (and SIM)

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TIM is betting everything on 4 and 5G. From April, the gradual shutdown of the 3G network will begin and for many users it will also be necessary to change the smartphone.

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The shutdown problem was in itself complex. But, until now, it was thought that it was exclusively about being able to enjoy TV shows, adapting our devices to the new digital land. Apparently, the term can also be applied to other types of transactions, Like the one implemented by TIM. In fact, some users have reported that they recently received a communication regarding the gradual shutdown of part of the telephone network. Incidentally, the need to switch smartphones for many customers. A necessary step to be able to support the new technology, in fact implement the technology used so far.

In fact, a similar message was also sent in November 2021. The question to stop is related to the 3G network, so it does not refer to the most well-known message that will affect DTT. The goal, as mentioned, is to equip devices that use the Tim network with it Increased performance function-Executing everything at 5G speed. However, for the transition, in some regions of Italy, it will be necessary not only to turn off the old 3G network but also to adapt to a new SIM card. It is not inconceivable, indeed quite probable, that older networks may encounter serious problems.

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TIM specified in its communication that from April 2022 the gradual shutdown of the 3G network will begin, to be gradually replaced by both 4 and 5G technologies. The target users are obviously those who are still using the old network which is no longer supported by public servers and will literally stop working. Basically, for those phones It will only be possible to make calls and send SMS, where both options travel on 2G. However, the Internet will become an illusion. That is why TIM recommends replacing the smartphone, because the problems may be more or less serious depending on the type of device used. Which, in order not to cause problems, you will at least have to use the 4G network.

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Pay attention to the details though. The situation changes according to the device used but also according to the type of technology applied. Whoever owns a 3G phone, as mentioned, will have to deal with the problems we talked about. It won’t get better though Not even for the first generation 4G, that is, those who are unable to support Voice over LTE (VoLTE), through which calls are transmitted as data. In this case, in fact, phone calls and text messages will continue to switch to 2G and the user will not be able to use the network during a phone call. Even worse for those who own an old SIM card with a capacity of less than 128K. In this case, the phone will count quite a bit: 2G will be the only network available. Surfing the internet would be like trying to go upstream.

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