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It can be more than just ‘factions’ –

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For a long time now, players have been waiting for the ingredient multiplayer from The Last of Us Part 2. Officially, we know nothing or nothing about the project, except that it was initially expected a few months after the release of the base game, which is a sign that Naughty Dog’s plans have apparently changed during construction, which was also suggested by job postings posted by the studio. And the many rumors that have been issued in recent months. On the final episode of Grubbsnax, VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb wanted his opinion on the online component of Part Two of The Last of Us, stating that it would be a good project. Bigger than just “factions”.

Factions, for starters, were the multiplayer component of the first game The Last of Us, which centered on three PvP modes where the outcome of the clashes affected the fate of the faction chosen by the players. It was not enough to win matches to ensure the well-being of your clan, but it was also necessary to complete some random quests, with heavy penalties in case of failure.

In the podcast, Grubb suggested players not expect a simple faction situation continuing with the one seen in Chapter 1, but rather something bigger and therefore different. Moreover, confirming last month’s rumors, a VentureBeat reporter expects the multiplayer game to be published as a separate titleso unlocked from The Last of Us Part 2, which represents one of 10 direct service games that Sony intends to release by 2026.

Obviously we are talking about unofficial information and therefore nothing is certain. However, in recent days, rumors about the series The Last of Us have intensified, for example there is also talk of re-release of the first game this year on PS5, a sign that perhaps in addition to smoke there is also roast. we will see.

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