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Israel, spyware that modifies surveillance camera images has been sold to Western governments

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After, after Pegasus caseHe. She Spying programs that evenmobile phone activity from the French president Emmanuel Macronthere is a new one startup companies – Also made in Tel Aviv – which raises questions about the use of Israeli technology. About pious, a company with software capable of accessing all video surveillance cameras, modifying captured images in real time and even modifying previous recordings by pulling them from the archives. It is a tool that leaves no trace, according to the newspaper’s investigation Haaretz – I live in Italy from courier – It will be able to overcome any obstacle: perhaps the first program of its kind in the world. Toka, the owner company, was founded by the former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak Former Head of the Information Technology Division of the Israeli Army, Yaron Rosen.

Among the packages sold by the company, there will also be a package that allows tracking the movements of any vehicle in real time, without anyone noticing. According to what you say startup companies On its website, these services may only be sold to foreign government organizations, secret services, law enforcement agencies, and militaries. It will be the main business partner of Toca Washington But secondly HaaretzThe customer list includes Israel, Germany, Australia and Singapore. Sifting through the pages of the site, it appears that the startup also has links with Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Greece and Canada. What exactly does Toka allow you to do?

The main features are based on infiltration into any video surveillance circuit. Simply select the geographical area of ​​interest to hack the CCTV system of an institutional building, hotel and private homes. The program will also work with webcams. Once in the system, you can directly see what was captured by the “hacked” cameras, but you can also show the owners of the video surveillance system what you want. Toka will allow, according to i a file to Haaretz, even to replace previous audio and video from archive recordings. These functions can be used, for example, to hide 007’s activities, to artificially compose judicial evidence or to blame the innocent. Certainly, the prospect of third parties arbitrarily viewing images from surveillance cameras and webcams threatens to undermine citizens’ right to privacy.

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