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Israel, Hamas, and Tel Aviv intelligence: “The war will continue for a long time”

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The war broke out after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 It will last “several more months” Even in its new low-density phase. This was stated by the Israeli Minister of Intelligence, Gila Gamliel, in an interview with the Tasbit Press service, stressing that there will still be “difficult times.”

Gamliel, a member of the ruling Likud Party led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said that as the war enters its four months, ending Hamas’ rule in the Gaza Strip and returning the remaining hostages remain goals for Israel and will be achieved despite international pressure to end the war. He asserts that “the war cannot have any other result than this.” “We cannot and will not end this war before we achieve our goals“, he adds.

He warned that if “Hezbollah attacks intensify further, we will increase as well.” He added, “Hezbollah and Hezbollah alone will be responsible for destroying Lebanon if it escalates its attacks.” The minister considered that the Houthi attacks on ships crossing the Red Sea represent a global challenge that must be stopped by the international community. Gamliel stressed that it is “very clear” that the Houthis are terrorists, adding that they should be reclassified as such by the US administration, which removed Ansar Allah from the terrorism blacklist after the election of Joe Biden, and by the international community. . He adds: “Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis are all agents of Iran.”

The risk of escalation in the West Bank

In recent days, security chiefs have repeatedly warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about this The West Bank is on the verge of a dangerous escalation. This was reported by Israeli Channel 12, as the growing concern comes after Israel refuses to hand over hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues belonging to the Palestinian National Authority, in addition to refusing to allow about 150 people and thousands of Palestinians to return to their jobs in Israel and the settlements. The radio highlighted Netanyahu's refusal so far to hold votes in the mini-ministerial council to review both decisions, in light of pressure from his far-right allies.

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Iran accuses the United States: “They are allowing attacks on Gaza to continue.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani criticized the United States for its interference in Middle East affairs, and in particular accused it of Allowing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip to continue. The Iranian Mehr News Agency quoted the spokesman as saying, “The United States does not allow the war to end and is influencing and using its veto power in the UN Security Council to prevent it from carrying out its duties.”

The spokesman pointed out that specific issues in the Middle East must be resolved by the countries and governments of the region and therefore the United States, which he holds responsible for most of the problems. They must put an end to their interventionist policies. He then warned that the US presence in the region and its support for Israel are direct causes of instability in the region, as evidenced by increasingly frequent attacks on US bases in Iraq in response to its role in the attacks on Gaza.

The spokesman said, “American forces must leave Iraq with the approval of Parliament.” He added, “Iran has already informed Iraq that the presence of American forces within the international coalition will not help enhance security and stability in Iraq and the region.”

Hamas leader killed

Hassan Ashasha, believed to be the Hamas leader responsible for launching rockets from Syria against the Jewish state, was killed. The Jerusalem Post reported this, citing an IDF memo. A Hezbollah military leader was also killed in an Israeli raid on his car in Khirbet Salloum in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah said that he was “Commander Wissam al-Taweel, also known as Hajj Jawad,” confirming the news of his death, which was reported by the media, according to the website of the Lebanese newspaper “Orient Le Jour,” stressing that it was as usual. The Shiite party did not specify the circumstances of the deceased's death.

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Orient Le Jour reported that 154 Hezbollah fighters were killed in Israeli raids in Syria and Lebanon following the Hamas attack on October 7, after which the Shiite militia began firing rockets into Israel. Al-Jadeed TV says that Al-Taweel was the commander of the Al-Radwan Special Force, affiliated with the Shiite militia.

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