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Israel and the battle over hospitals in Gaza. United States: Too many civilians killed – Corriere

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From our correspondent
Jerusalem — Ashraf was always running fast, very fast even when there was no need, he was the one who was in a hurry to show that the sector had a highway, 41 kilometers from north to south, four lanes, the direction of travel closer to a hypothesis than an obligation. And now, on the asphalt smoothed with millions donated by Qatar after the latest conflict, mothers slowly rub their children’s cradles, dragged like sleds on the dry dust of a winter that never comes. Mass exodus continues along the corridor, the protection of which is guaranteed by the Israeli army: 4 hours a day is a certainty. But the starting points, the villages to be abandoned under protection, are announced only three hours in advance, in a lottery when everything has already gone wrong.

The north is a battlefield, they will be there 50 deaths among those who took refuge in school. Some of the displaced, in videos that appeared on social media, insult Hamas, 17 confrontations with Israel since the fundamentalists seized power in Gaza from President Abu Mazen in 2007 by force of arms. Insulting them while they are panting in the sun is not scary. At this stage, the fear of war remains, of never returning to the abandoned house, even if it is under rubble, according to United Nations estimates. 45 percent of the buildings were damaged. The jihadists face more pressing problems than breaking the legs of demonstrators, as happened four years ago, when people protested the price of bread. The Israeli forces did The siege around Gaza City endsThe generals announced that they had destroyed Hamas’ “stronghold” in the Beach refugee camp, and are now concentrating attacks around hospitals, and 37 soldiers have died since the ground invasion began. Spokespeople in recent weeks have shown 3D plans to show what the bunkers on various levels could have been It was built by jihadists under Shifa’s ruleIt is the largest in the Gaza Strip, where 70,000 refugees also took refuge. The pictures show a tent city in the square where ambulances pass. The area was bombed yesterday morning, killing 13 people, according to local sources.

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The most violent clashes take place there and near the Jerusalem clinic. Snipers are shooting from buildings, there will be one dead, and dozens of children injured. The goal of the General Staff remains Expel Hamas leadershipThe hunt for Commander Yahya Al-Sinwar, who is allegedly hiding in armed tunnels dug under the sand. Palestinian groups are still able to fire rockets as far as Tel Aviv (two were injured yesterday in the Mediterranean city) in an attempt to set the pace of negotiations Concerning the detention of 240 hostages On the day of the massacres: Al ArabiyaThe UAE-owned Broadcasting Corporation announced a potential deal for women and children in exchange for mothers and children detained in Israeli prisons. Which they deny. While the northern front with Hezbollah still raises concerns: 4 soldiers were injured in an attack.

Palestinian deaths since the beginning of the war have approached 11,000, including yesterday The granddaughter of Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas abroad. “Too much,” he declares. Anthony BlinkenUS Secretary of State: “The Israelis must make more efforts to avoid civilian casualties.” American diplomats – writes Washington Post — Calculate that the death toll during the 35 days of conflict could be even higher. Joe Biden, the US president, and his advisors are equally concerned about the plans of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government: the goal – which the White House supported – is to eliminate Hamas after the October 7 massacres in Israeli villages and towns, 1,200 people were killed. The international community is pressing for the sand corridor to return until the end of hostilities under the Palestinian Authority, with a transition period that can be managed by a multinational force. An idea dropped by the Israeli Prime Minister during his visit to the areas surrounding the Gaza Strip: «Our forces will maintain control It will ensure safety.”

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