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Isabella Rossellini brings art and science to the stage with Darwin in mind

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Rossellini visits Vicenza for the first time ever, and science is her great passion

Isabella Rossellini, the author of the text and the protagonist of the novel on the scene

Isabella Rossellini is the author and heroine of the novel “Darwin's Smile” scheduled to be presented on Tuesday the 16th at 8.45 pm in the Great Hall. The exhibition, which takes place on one of the first dates of its Italian tour in Vicenza, offers an original approach to two worlds often considered as separate poles such as art and science, and a way to explore the continuity between humans and animals in their way of expressing emotions.

Isabella Rossellini, actress, model, director, artist, definitely doesn't need it
The presentations – in Vicenza for the first time ever – were inspired by reading Charles Darwin's book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals to illustrate how representation can be a tool for understanding the mysterious nature of animals.

By using empathy, which is essential at work and in study
Animal Behavior, Ethology The show turns into an unexpected and compelling lesson about evolution, about stage presence, and about the different forms of humor these disciplines often share. In the monologue, also composed and starred by Isabella Rossellini, the continuity between humans and animals is displayed, especially in the way emotions are expressed:

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