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Is the movie a true story or pure fiction? Explanations and “lies”

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Curiosity about the Franco-Belgian film released in 2018. Frank Dubusque fell for the direction and script, as well as being the protagonist

Romance, high doses of political errors, lie, but above all, in the end, the triumph of love. This is a summary Everyone standingThe French-Belgian romantic comedy of 2018, written, directed and directed by Frank Dubusque. What is the truth of the plot? The movie was inspired by someone True story Or did he use a purely imaginary plot? The “true story” version was undoubtedly more interesting. Instead, the cinematic work was built on one movie script who were not inspired by a real event. Otherwise said, there is no trace in the world of Jocelyn and one Florence.

Everything, when the lie becomes sweet

The backbone of the story of All Standing One He lies. Rich Jocelyn, a well-established serial seducer, for reasons not entirely noble, to put it mildly, begins courting Florence, pretending to be paralyzed because so is the woman herself. Things get complicated when what started as a game turns into a powerful feeling.

Florence eventually removes Jocelyn, but she forgives him. The lie with which the seducer hung the woman turned out to be a gentle lie, which, in hindsight, was condemned for a meeting that changed the lives of both heroes of the story.

The story is compelling, some scenes are delightfully funny, others strongly romantic. Too much to be true. And in fact, as mentioned earlier, the story is unparalleled with a true story. But if cinema is also a vehicle for dreams and desires that “lengthen” reality, since the latter has insurmountable limits, then Totti’s stature, despite being “above the truth”, is still appreciable and more than pleasant.

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Put everyone on their feet

The protagonist, Jocelyn, plays Frank Dubusque, who also directed and wrote the film. Instead, Alexandra Lamy gave life to Florence Montier’s character, while Gerard Darmon, Elsa Zilberstein, and Caroline Englid took on the roles of Max, Marie, and Julie, respectively.

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