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Iran protests against the regime: Even the former soccer player Azadani is on death row

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The ayatollah regime leaked the news, but there is a general mobilization

The imminent execution scheduled today for a young protester sentenced in Iran for his participation in anti-regime protests has yet to take place. But the atmosphere of terror is fueling in the country, with the spread of news of new death sentences: today the death penalty decision against the 26-year-old former football player Amir Nasr Azadani was leaked, and for the actor of the same age. Hossein Mohammadi Theatre.

the facts

The two were arrested after their participation in the demonstrations that swept Iran following the death of Mahsa Amini, which occurred during her arrest in the barracks of the morality police for not wearing the veil according to the rules. Amir and Hussein to the judges of the Islamic Republic are traitors. Meanwhile, despite the ferocity shown by the authorities on December 8 with the execution of 23-year-old protester Mohsen Shukr, messages from activists and the public are bouncing back on social media, demanding the return of the arrested and convicted to their homes. . A leaflet written by French actress Juliette Binoche pleading to stop the execution of actor Hossein Mohammadi and other protesters has been retweeted thousands of times.

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