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iPad mini coming? Apple has big plans in mind, here’s what goes beyond the rumors

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New for iPad Mini –

The iPad Mini has been missing from the scene for a long time now, according to the latest rumors, however, there could be big surprises from the beginning of next year, and here’s all the news.

Generally, information about products released or being tested comes directly from Apple who through the voice of insiders can’t wait to share the latest news with the public.

Apple fans have long been waiting to know its fateiPad minithe portable and tiny tablet that actually drove most people crazy, especially for it Practical application And for innovative functions in addition to its functionality Stunning design.

The latest model that has been on the market now is almost two years old, more specifically a month old September 2021 It consists of an 8.3-inch screen, A15 Bionic chip, USB-C port, Touch ID power button, and 5G support. The release of the iPad Mini allowed Apple to remain the only company in the world for tablet sales where a sharp decline in customer purchases was recorded during the pandemic, especially in the European region.

What sparked hope in the upcoming release of a new device was few Tweets and rumors accumulated over the past few months and with which it would have been easy to form a more complete general picture.

When will the new iPad Mini 7 be released

The news came from Ming Chi Ku0an Apple analyst, who tweeted a 3-part release some time ago, who concluded: “… there may be no new iPad releases in the next 9-12 months, butProduction of iPad Minis It can start as soon as possible The first quarter of 2024“.

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iPad Mini 7 release – (Source: freepik)

Kuo also mentioned that the iPad will not have significant differences with the previous version from an architectural point of view, in fact the changes are mainly concentrated on the inside, with component updates Which will allow a significant increase in specifications, including eg Healer. There does not seem to be agreement on the news regarding the pro-motion technology because the official opinions do not match the recent leaks.

Although Kuo also talked about the iPad Mini in the tweet, the most exciting news is definitely about the creation of the first device. A foldable iPadwhich is likely to hit around 2025.

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