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International Experience Canada (EIC) program

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From left: Senator Tony Lofreda and Federal Representatives Angelo Iacono and Patricia Lattanzio

During a press conference held on March 14 at the Casa d’Italia, Mr Alfred-Bellen’s federal vice, and Angelo Iacono, Chair of the Canada-Italy Interim Committee, He outlined the plan International Experience Canada -EIC (International Experience Canada-IEC/Expérience Internationale Canada-EIC) illustrates its undoubted benefits in light of the current moment in which the Canadian and international labor market is experiencing a severe shortage of manpower.

Hon. Iacono highlighted bilateral youth mobility agreements between Canada and 36 partner countries that improve access to the Canadian labor market for 18-35 year olds under this program. In fact, the EIC is designed to help young people gain valuable work experience abroad, improve their French and English skills and fund the trip of a lifetime.

So the EIC program allows young people between the ages of 18 and 35 from 36 countries to submit an application to come to Canada to gain a professional experience, but also a working holiday for 12 months, renewable for another. 12.

“Canada – said Icono – is the land of opportunity for our parents and for the youth of Europe and other partner countries to become one again.”

Deputy Angelo Iacono, Chair of the Canada-Italy Interim Committee

The EIC program is divided into three different sections:

  • Working holiday, intended for those who have not yet had employment opportunities; Those who wish to work for more than one employer in Canada; People who want to work in more than one place and want to earn some money to travel and find in Canada.
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The type of work permit you get for this category is an open work permit, which allows you to work for any employer in Canada (with some exceptions) and requires you to first pass a medical exam for some jobs.

  • Young professionals, intended for those who have employment opportunities in their professional field in Canada; Those who work for the same employer in a particular location while staying in Canada. This way your work needs to be paid for and you can’t work for yourself. The type of work permit obtained for this category is a work permit related to a specific employer, including minimum wage requirements, for all labor laws in force in the province or territory in which he wishes to work.
  • International Cooperative Internship, intended for students enrolled in secondary education institutions; For those who have a job offer for professional placement or internship in Canada. Completion of the course requires undertaking such professional placement or training; You will work for the same employer in a specific location during your stay in Canada. The type of work permit you get for this category is a work permit from a specific employer. To be considered an internship, the position you are offered in Canada must be directly related to your field of study.

Two way street

They also participated in the event Senator Tony Lofreda And this Federal Deputy of Saint-Léonard/Saint-Michel Patricia Lattanzio Those who shared their passion for the project: «EIC – Loffreda said – A two-way street: Canada can greatly benefit from an increase in the number of young Italians traveling, working and studying in Canada and young Canadians can benefit and contribute. to the economies of partner countries’.

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Senator Tony Lofreda

“It’s time – said Iacono – to make this program known to friends, relatives, acquaintances and in the meantime encourage young people from abroad to discover Canada while working. But this program will be a tool to temporarily overcome the shortage of manpower by giving young foreigners the opportunity to gain international experience.

Federal Deputy of Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel Patricia Lattanzio

I am confident that our business world can take advantage of the EIC to expand its workforce while providing a unique opportunity for young people from abroad to gain Canadian experience and discover the beauty of our great countryside.

He shared his experience by participating in the press conferenceRhianna de Blassya young Italian from Rome, with a degree in mathematics, who arrived in Montreal at the beginning of the year, thanks to the aforementioned program in the ‘working-vacation’ category: “The process to take advantage of the program – he said. – consists of various “steps” but it is very simple. I applied in September, I got my visa at the end of November. So I left for Montreal in mid-January and am currently working as an accountant in a transport and logistics company. I’m very happy, I’m very happy with how this experience started and – he concluded – I want to make the most of it.”

Ariadne diplasi

For information on the EIC program:

International Experience Canada:

Office of Fabrizio Stoppino – Deputy Angelo Iacono:

450-661-4117; [email protected]

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