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Next week, the first winter tests, frost and snow, temperature drops up to 20 ° C in some areas «3B Meteo

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Snow and ice in America
Snow and ice in America

A cold pulse and snow will arrive in the US Northeast early next week. The days enjoyed in the northeastern United States up to the Canadian border and the Great Lakes region are mild, but the scene is about to change completely. Between Sunday and Monday the first flow of freezing air will bring the entire area described above into mid-winter, with temperatures dropping by even 15-20°C and snow visible on flat heights from Tuesday. Eyes on Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Ottawa and more could be whitewashed as early as next week. Heavy rain is not expected, but temperatures will allow for snow on the ground. On the other hand, New York will see rain on Wednesday and the maximum temperature will not exceed 7°C. It is still premature, however, to go into more detail because it does not end here.

The US and Canada are in the grip of a winter freeze. During the second half of next week, models will see a persistence of cold air across the entire southern Canadian sector, the northeastern United States and beyond, and this time the central region may also be affected. The temperature also drops to the ground with touching values ​​of -5°C / -8°C. Other snows on the plains are not excluded. Temperatures below zero at night, even in New York. However, this is still a trend that is subject to changes and updates, so we invite you to visit our website to stay informed.

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