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Insigne will have a home in New York and a home in Canada. Thanks to Toronto and Immobile

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Lorenzo Insigne will play for the Toronto team next season. SKY’s journalist, Di Marcio, reconstructs the whole story.

Sky journalist Gianluca de Marcio reveals a background on the landing Lorenzo Insine Al Toronto: “The striker, who is now in Napoli, will be staying with his friend in Mls, a new home in Canada and another in New York, from July 1st. Immovable. This is what happened to Lino de Gullo, a former vice president of the American Football League and now a consultant to a wealthy Canadian club, for real estate investment recommended by experts in the home business. Zero’s teammate of the national team “.

Gianluca di Marcio later added: “Everything was born for the reason that he was not strictly connected to the football world. Magnifico was given an undeniable opportunity by Lorenzo Ensign. , The relationship has become increasingly icy, with months of mandatory farewells and renewal offers later being offered.

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