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“Insigne will be a lot of fun in Canada. I can not explain the finals this season.”

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Former Napoli captain Pavlo Cannavaro is interviewed by La Cassetta Dello Sport

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Former Napoli captain Pavlo Cannavaro He was interviewed by La Gazzetta Dello Sport and talks about the trophies he has won with Insigne: “You never know what pride it can be. How neopolitans feel about a trophy that we can tell our children many years later. This is what I want to say, go to Canada, play another football, let him have a lot of fun, be regretful in Naples and over time he will find the right balance in the relationship with the city, I feel that strong love more than ever.

This never happened to her, but Lorenzo twice married Sketto.
“If he knew how much he cared about it, he would be especially saddened by the bitter end of this season. I can not explain this. The team grew and had all the qualifications to win it, but it was clear that he could still do something. Will be difficult.

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