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Today, the actress changed her life, a drastic decision

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She is the beautiful Babi three meters above the sky: her character has conquered everything, but today the actress has changed her life, and her decision is strict.

It was one of the most watched movies since the 2000s generation. You already know about the movie we’re talking about, right? The answer is this: three meters above the sky. Based on the namesake of Federico Moccia, the Romanian writer and director’s film hit the box office.

Do you remember her three meters above the sky? What are you doing today. Credits: YouTube

The story of the young woman my door And the “impudent” move conquered everyone since its first bars. And even now, even though it’s been years since it was published, it’s still very much loved. Recently, We told you about the young Daniela Gervasi, Sister Babi, we explain to you how her life has changed after the resounding success of three meters above the sky. Now, though, are you curious to know more about cute Papi? Stipe’s companion until a specific moment in her life, the young student was the undisputed hero of the film, but how is her life today? Apparently, it seems that the actress has completely changed her life. Let’s find out more details.

What happened to Babi from a height of three meters from the sky today: It changed his life

After playing a role My door at three meters above the sky, Katie Louise Saunders rode on top of the wave. The undisputed heroine in the film Federico Moccia, but also in many other films and TV series, the actress gave life to a truly unforgettable career. But so far, what do we know about him? Did you, like Walter Nodeau, choose to walk away from the world of entertainment? According to a Fanpage article published in 2020, it appears so. Despite being a very popular and successful actress, it seems like the beautiful Katie has decided to change the world.

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So far, it seems, she continues to pursue her career as a model, but with cinema and television she would have closed. In fact, we read on the Fanpage that he devotes himself to the production of organic fruit juices.

My door is three meters above the sky today
Credits: YouTube

In short, a decidedly exciting life change. Do not you think?

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