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Inline Hockey: Champion of Vicenza for Italy! Milan hit the race 4

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Milan House @ Quanta – MC Control Devils Vicenza 2 – 3 – It’s the indomitable joy of Tobia Vendrame after scoring Vicenza’s third goal that sums up the story of an open, grueling match between two teams capable of igniting a four-game challenge, all (or nearly) intense.

In the end, Vicenza deservedly won, taking the scudetto at the opponents’ court in Quanta Village in a very open match-up finish to the end and settling just a few seconds from the end. Two teams, the protagonists of this series, who were able to fight openly and whose final chapter played a powerful blow and who were able to keep all the fans in suspense, were the mirror of a series of very high artistic personality, but above all emotional, in which Milan honored the pitch and sport with tenacity and determination. big. In the end, it was Vicenza who rose to the top, and the perseverance of the opponents only increases the merit of the team that was able to win in a big way, but also suffers, returns, fights. The Devils proved unapproachable during the regular season and the Master Round, while leaving a lot in Milan’s hands when it came to playing in or out of matches. Especially here at Quanta, they’ve collected so little. Well, on the evening of victory, they showed that they know how to overcome precedents and fears and return to a game that started so badly with great determination and patience (as well as intelligence) to seize those scudettos for which they seemed to be destined and that certainly did not make mental matters easy.

It is a game that started badly for the guests, we said, because Milan knows that everything is played at home and in the opening of the game, while not dominating in terms of play, he unleashes his best weapon: sarcasm in taking advantage of the occasions. In fact, it’s eight minutes into the start, when Fiala catches it perfectly banking Guilt-ridden was left by Vicenza’s defence, who scored the goal from close range 1 – 0. Milan know it’s time to push and try to turn the game in their favour. He still puts Vicenza in trouble with his quick and sudden descent, then finds the winning combination again by making copies of the first goal, but from the other side. Once again Fiala, who presents a golden disc that crosses the goal mirror, once again the devils defense is not perfect and again he is the leader, banking Who found ready for a date with 2 – 0. And here lies the strength of the Italian champions, because falling by two goals in a match like this, on a track where you have never won, would cut the legs of many teams. But not for demons. The reaction is immediate. A few seconds pass and Dolphin Returns a short clearance from May for his shot and shorts the distance (2-1). The guests do not give up and put Milan under pressure in a film already seen in other matches in the series. Around the 16th minute of the first half, Nathan Siegmund broke into the left side of the opponent’s defense and put the puck in the middle. In the heart of the area, Tobias appears out of nowhere sell me What a joke Cheek and bags behind Mi about the (beautiful) goal 2 – 2.

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The second half is a whirlwind of emotions, and in light of the achieved score, both teams try (and risk) to win the match. Milan have the advantage of psychologically recovering from a Scottish shower in the draw, and the guests are beginning to realize that yes, you can win here in Milan, too. Two lethal situations with a penalty on each side against Cik and Pace are neutralized by stellar play in the lowest of the two formats, and as time goes on, the specter of overtime approaches. There are now 38 left until the end of the game when the episode that changes everything is fulfilled. Milan tries a long pass that letter, unbalanced, uncontrollable. On the disc swoops down at an impressive acceleration sell mewhich captures all the disease of unbalanced Quanta, and shoots wide piercing innocent Mai (2-3). The Vicenza bench unfurls in a liberating roar, Tobia parades triumphantly along the railing, while the Milan players, with lost eyes, see an opportunity to extend the chain fade. Quanta’s attempt to clear the goalkeeper will get nowhere; Now there is no time and at the sound of the sirens the Vicenza children’s party explodes. The scudetto is theirs after an amazing comeback against their opponents and after a run that kept us all in suspense. Lifting the trophy, sold by the coach of the national team Luca Rigoni, it is the captain Andrea Delfino who responded tonight again because he knows how to do in a difficult moment in Vicenza, reopening the match with one of his cunning plays and reactions. . And the celebration belongs to all of these men who have done such a great service to the sport, showing the true trait of inline hockey: the passion it can convey. And the passion is what we read not only in the eyes of the scorers tonight, but also in the eyes of the protagonists of the entire series, from seventeen-year-old Lorenzo Campola, who plays and wins his first final as an experienced player, to Denis Somadosi, a coach with few words and tremendous determination. The credit for this win goes to all of them, who knew how to be a great group, even before a great team.

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Milan:”It’s been a long and strange year. After winning the star last year, this year we were unable to bring the tricolor home again. Congratulations to Vicenza who managed to stay focused until the end. We can’t complain, however, we were brought two glasses out of three. Now we turn the page and start thinking about the next season“.

sumadox (Vicenza): “Let’s say it was not easy to win here in Milan, on a very difficult pitch, as no one has been able to win the championship, which shows the value of this team and those players who gave their best. Especially after losing 2-0, they were good at not giving up, fighting back and bringing it home“.

Vicenza is the champion of Italy ph Fantini

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