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Gang attacks clashed with the couple, the girl was hospitalized with a broken bone

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It was supposed to be a tour of camping Quiet, but turned into a nightmare. On July 10, a young engaged couple was attacked by a gang of thugs in the night, breaking the woman’s bones to get a reaction from her partner, who was trying to ignore them, hoping to keep them away. happened to Glasgowin Scotland. The 21-year-old, who declined to be identified, was pushed into a fire the two had set up all night and suffered burns, as well as a broken leg and ankle.

what happened

The young couple, aged 23 and 21, from Dumbarton (a town north of Glasgow) were targeted while camping at Glen Itif Park in central Scotland. Three people, possibly under the influence of alcohol and drugs, targeted the boy, hoping for a reaction that would prompt him to confront them. To provoke him they attacked, pushed and seriously injured his girlfriend, according to the “Glasgow Times”. The three disappeared after some passers-by who were watching called the police.

The girl was taken to Belford Hospital in Fort William and taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, where she underwent surgery on her leg and ankle. “I am still in shock, I have nightmares and now I need my mental health counseling because of this incident. We were targeted by three men who seemed to have lost their minds due to drugs and alcohol,” the 21-year-old testified. The boy was also physically assaulted, and was hit with a glass bottle on the head, causing a wound that needed stitching at the hospital.

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