Home Economy How much is this 0.05 euro coin worth with the value of the Colosseum? “crazy”

How much is this 0.05 euro coin worth with the value of the Colosseum? “crazy”

How much is this 0.05 euro coin worth with the value of the Colosseum?  “crazy”

Dear money friends, welcome back. Today we are going to analyze a coin that we haven’t considered yet: 5 cents. This coin belongs to a series of copper, is often overlooked in comparison to those made of Scandinavian gold, such as those made from 10 to 50 cents. despite its face value sillyHowever, there are some samples that hide an important value; Let’s see what it is.

5 Italy cents

The representation in this coin is, in one form or another, all of us should know. This is the Flavian Amphitheater, better known as Colosseum around which Emperor Vespasian began building 75 m So let’s analyze the other details on the obverse of the coin; Directly above, on the left, is letter R To refer to the Mint of Rome. A little lower, and then to the right, we find the code in letters I and R superimposedwhich is what they mean “kingthe Italian public. In the center, below the inscribed, are the thousandths of the mint and the author’s initials Ettore Lorenzo Frappuccini Which are formed by the initials, the beautiful abbreviation ELF extension. Finally, everything about the representation and its details are found, as on every coin star frame Indicating the countries of the European Union.

On the other hand, the back of the coin has a large portion Figure 5 with engraving euro cent indicating its face value; Next door, then, is the scientist and in the background six lines separated by two stars each; Again it symbolizes the union states.

Although this currency, as we said before, is one of the most junk currencies, its value can reach suitable prices. In addition to the possibility of finding some currency errors Making them a highly desirable collector’s item, there is one generic, in particular, that is considered uncommon. For this reason, perhaps due to the limited circulation, the coin belongs to the year 2003 worth 15 euros; It is equal to 30 times its initial value.


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