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Inline hockey: Asiago Vipers in the semi-finals! Eliminate ghosts in neighborhoods.

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The Asiago Fibers They also top 2 . race from the i . quarter-finals Ghosts of Padua With a score of 2 to 1, the same as for Race 1, so you can get to Semi-finals asserts itself again between four “big” Italian Championship league.

We had to repeat the test and race 1 position, fighting on all discs, and we did it together“The suspension of the snakes at the end of the match where”When we had to polish our teeth, we did it together. And so we must also do in the future togetherPlato repeated several times.

The same conclusion also in Other Quarters Serieswith the second and decisive victory also reached Ferrara, Milan and Vicenzawhich will be The next challenger from snakes at Semi-finalswhich will start with race 1 in the calendar Wednesday April 27 .

Asiago Vipers Ghosts of Padova Quarter-finals Race 2 Victory

the report

Matches start with teams keen not to make mistakes, and Padova touches the goal first when he hits the extra man on the right of Daniele Faccinetti. Having escaped danger, it was Asiago’s turn to play with a numerical advantage, but David Rodguero’s touch didn’t overtake the opposing goalkeeper. The hosts press the accelerator pedal again but the snakes goalkeeper manages to limit the opponent’s invasions. About a minute into the interval, Padova tries to sink the blow, but the disc is intercepted by the disc Thomas Berthod Who flies and hits the mark, making snakes in the foreground.

In the second half, Asiago starts fourth and creates excellent chances with Fabio Lefor and Simone Basso. Coach Luca Rigoni’s boys insist on this, and after a goal was missed by a ghostly drinker, they set off a counterattack by scoring 2-0 with a perfect pass from David Rudigero. Matthew Rossetto, which were left alone undisturbed fall. In the following minutes, Matteo Panuzzo was stopped by the opposing goalkeeper after a noteworthy procedure, and in the 12th hour, the hosts reversed the good moment for Asiago who recovered a dangerous puck and signed him. 2 to 1 goals.
The final minutes are exciting, with a series of hits that both teams did not capitalize on, giving the victory to the Snakes who deserved a ticket to the semi-finals.

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Race results from 2 quarters

Monleale Sportleale 1 – Vicenza Devils 8 (0 – 2)
Cos Verona 0 – Milan 5 (0 – 2)
Ivy Triest 2 – Ferrara Warriors 3 (0 – 2)
Ghosts of Padua 1 – Asiago Fibers 2 (0 – 2)

Check out the match against ghosts

Credit: Photo by Vanessa Zinobini

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