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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate: Reviews from the Cannes Film Festival | Cinema

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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny It had its world premiere on Thursday evening at the Cannes Film Festival: we’ll see it on Friday morning, but in the meantime the first reviews from the international press have arrived online.

The screening was attended by dignitaries such as Disney CEO Bob Iger and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, as well as the director and cast. diverse Newspaper headlines said the reception was “tepid”, with a final standing ovation of “only” five minutes, below Cannes standards.

Before the show, Harrison Ford received a surprise Palme d’Or:

You can see the red carpet below:

We are reporting some excerpts and will update the article during the day with further links.

Watchman – “It’s the first Indiana Jones movie that wasn’t directed by Steven Spielberg – it’s directed by James Mangold – but even so, this movie has plenty of skill, fun and narrative ingenuity, with all the MacGuffin follies, that the last one (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) just didn’t have” .

The Daily Telegraph – “In the end, it looks like a fake copy of a priceless treasure: form and wit may be disguised at first, but weaker mastery becomes more evident the more you look at it.”

Endeavor – “It goes without saying that James Mangold is no Steven Spielberg, just as it would be very unfair to compare any Hollywood director to this standard. On the contrary, there is something admirable in the fact that Mangold found the cheek to close the bearded director’s most famous saga. What he didn’t find was him. A compelling reason to return to this story in the first place.”

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gamesradar – “This work has been brilliantly handled by Mangold, not least as a thrilling tuk-tuk chase through the streets of Tangier. But above all, this is an Indiana Jones movie with tears in his eyes. The character gets older, but he doesn’t necessarily get wiser.”

Radio Times – “The iconic swan song plays it a little safe – but it’s a fun old-school adventure with more weight than the fourth movie.”

The deadlines – “It’s fun, it’s goofy, it works. I don’t know what Alexandrian mathematical symbols are. I have no idea there could ever be such a thing as a time rift. It doesn’t matter. Reality doesn’t matter, except for the Nazis: they still matter.” In the words of a scientist Traces of an adventurer, I really don’t like these guys.”

The Irish Times – “No one with a mind in his head could compare this favorably with the first three films. There is a sense, in this whole project, of a struggle to survive under the weight of its own history.”

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Release date Indiana Jones 5 (Tablet of Destiny) is assigned to June 28 In Italy. Find all information about the movie in our profile.

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