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A movie without borders, the Netflix movie based on a true story under indictment for defamation

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Francisco “Pepén” Ferreras, a famous diver, decided to sue Netflix for the movie Limitless, which was inspired by the tragic events involving him and his wife, Audrey Mistry, who died during a freestyle competition. Let’s see together what happened.

Netflix He was heavily criticized for the movie without restrictionsa movie based on the true story of Francisco “Pepín” Ferreras and his wife Audrey MeesterThey are both professional divers and a world famous couple from the world of freediving, an extreme sport in which freedivers dive to certain depths without oxygen.

Infinitely, Pipin Ferreras is suing Netflix for defamation

During a diving competition supervised by her husband and a team of experts to break the 160-meter depth record set by free diver Tanya Streeter, Audrey Meester She tragically lost her life, drowning in the waters of the Dominican Republic, off the coast of Santo Domingo, in 2002, after the failure of the apparatus that was supposed to bring her back to the surface. Although her husband, Pepén Ferreira, dived in to save her, once he realized the seriousness of the situation, L.A Mister There was nothing they could do, and rescuers declared the woman dead soon after.

the movie without restrictions It tells the story between Pascal Gauthier (Sufyan Zarmani) and Roxanne Aubry (Camille Rowe), a fictionalized version of the real Ferreras-Mestre couple, but in film Their relationship is portrayed as abusive and violent, with Gauthier jealous of the Aubry’s success. During the dive, Gauthier is shown tampering with his wife’s air tank, leaving her without air during the dive, thus dooming her to death. It does not appear in the movie Frankly Gautier sabotages Roxane’s deviceHowever, he hinted That’s why Pipin Ferreras decided to sue the streaming giant for defamation: without restrictionsIn fact, he paints Ferreras as a murderer, which means he killed his wife in real life. The portrayal of their relationship also comes across as blatantly offensive, straying from the truth, according to Ferreras:

“I don’t know how people can do that. They edited the story. They put whatever they wanted in it and it hurt me.”

The film features in the opening credits the canonical warning of “Based on a true storywhich is followed by the traditionalAny references to real people or events are purely coincidental.”. However, a photo appears in the credits Audrey Meester With a brief account of his death. Screenwriter and director david m. Rosenthal Made some statements to diverse on the fact that The film has previously been subject to analysis by some lawyersbefore the start of production and that shown in without restrictions And the:

“A fictional story that has always been in everyone’s view, from documentaries to books, to various written articles. What I have written is fictional, with fictional characters… I am sure that by accusing Netflix they want to get financial compensation…”

As revealed Rosenthalthe story of the Ferreras and Mestre couple is well known in the environment and is both an ESPN documentary directed by Alison Ellwood and writers recent attempts – not translated into Italian – by Ferreras’ ex-partner, Carlos Serrapaints Diver negatively and implies that he is partly responsible for the death of Diver Audrey Meester, because it exceeded all limits, although the investigations carried out at the time revealed that the tragedy was caused by a malfunction of the apparatus that should have allowed the submarine to ascend, to which were added the delays in the rescue efforts. . Ferreras wanted to specify it to without restrictionsAnd Netflix He hasn’t contacted him and since he saw the movie he can’t help but think about how he twisted history.

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