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Independent loaders don’t ride in Teslas

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Freelancers don’t travel in Teslas: Natalino writes to us about free top-ups at discount stores, and recounts his experience at Lidl and Aldi. With one caveat…

Independent loaders don't ride in TeslasFreelance scalpers don’t ride in Teslas and wander from one discount store to another

hor bed various certifications Loaders to recharge in supermarkets. I went shopping several times in Lidl In Verano Brianza, charging stations have been deactivated for a while, as has happened recently in other cities. you passed in aldialways in Verano, where to recharge Always free. There you need Ask for the card At the exit, hand over an identity document. But the story does not change: the recharge was not timed and the freeloaders concentrated there after that deactivation From those in Lidl above, 500 meters away. I only charge while shopping, then unplug, return the card and continue with my destiny. I happened to point this out to some of the freeloaders caught in the act (The column indicates the amount of energy being expended in real time) Incorrect behavior. At best, they stutter with incomprehensible sentences, lie like children with their hands in a jam, or ignore“.

Independent loaders don't ride in TeslasYou just have to distinguish who is right and who is not

A few days ago I wrote to Aldi customer service, complaining about the attitude and giving Any ideas to solve the problem. I am enclosing herewith the provisional reply I received in the hope that the “relevant office” will answer me. I will update you on any news. A note about criticism read in some articles on your site stating that “Many Tesla cars and big cars“Which they re-upload for free. I see nothing wrong with them, if they are not autonomous cars. In my opinion, a distinction must be made between those who are right to use the service and those who are not. Otherwise, explain to me what I should do. With my wife and brother (we live In the same building) we have been peacefully engaged for several years now a Tesla and E-Up. According to the “logic” of the aforementioned critics, I can top up if I go E-Up shopping, but not if I useTesla?. Natalino Tagliabue

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Independent loaders don't ride in TeslasSelf-employed do not travel in Teslas: they have cars of all brands …

to reply. Self-employed people travel in cars of all kinds, but the irritation obviously increases if the vehicle in question Its cost is from 50 thousand euros rising. And they probably have batteries that can take a day to recharge, because we’re usually talking about AC poles with low capacity. This is why some readers have taken Tesla owners as a symbol of certain misconduct, but this is an obvious oversimplification It cannot be generalized. Aldi’s response was, for the moment, casual:As a leading international large-scale retailer, we have always paid great attention to satisfying our customers. Therefore, we will take care of your request immediately, and forward it to the appropriate departmentThen an invitation to call, just in case, customers serviceThe. We remain of the opinion that the problem could be fixed by paying extra, however at a reduced priceas Lidl is already doing in France.

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