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Police shot, two injured –

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from Fabio Postiglione

Tensions during demonstrations in the city center. Seven protesters were taken to hospital, and twenty were arrested

They took the appointment on social media. Then, at 8 pm, the no vax took to the streets to protest the new restrictions imposed by the Dutch government. Peaceful procession to cry Freedom, freedom gradually amplified by nearly a thousand demonstrators In Rotterdam it became violent. Guerrilla scenes. Cars and motorbikes caught fire, and clashes with police who used water cannons at first, then fired several shots into the air to disperse the crowd. But according to what the media site writes, we Quoting two witnesses
, agents were aiming at eye level and shooting at least two protesters. The injury was accepted (not in dynamic) even by the same police in A Twitter. Just before 11:30 pm, the situation was back in control even if the police forces deployed throughout the night remained in riot gear on the street to shore up the city center and the port entrance.

Demonstrators gathered to express their opposition to the government’s plan to restrict access to internal events Only for those who own corona passage, a kind of green corridor that certifies that you have been vaccinated or cured of Covid. Before that, only a negative smear was needed. So it was the suggestion to remove the swab from the corridor and the decision to adopt a 2G system that sparked outrage. In addition, the Netherlands was the first country in Western Europe to restore partial lockdown last Saturday, and the government announced restrictions for at least three weeks.

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guerrilla budget

At least seven people were injured and at least 20 people were arrested. The balance made during a press conference by the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Abu Talib, of protesting in the Dutch city against the restrictions implemented by the government to stop infection in the Netherlands. The mayor spoke of a violent orgy in which officers were severely attacked.

The police explained that the fires broke out in different places and used fireworks and the police fired several warning shots (in the air). Stones were also thrown at firefighters trying to put out the fires, and a journalist was attacked and his camera smashed. A situation that led the municipality to issue an emergency decree, at least until dawn, prohibiting the presence of people in various stations and streets in the city center.

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