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“At the polls, wash your hands 3 times,” Medvedev and Di Maio madness: So, today …

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– Cute Cartoon Natangelo on he didThe investigation into Italy’s “Putinists” courier It is as reliable as the story of some children in the park. I’ll say more: This block list is terrifying too, but they don’t realize it

– Why do I say why me waste Rome is no longer on the front page now that Gualtieri’s good rule the capital?

– to me Medvedev Whoever is against Russia will be “illegitimate and decadent.” It seems that he wants all of them to “disappear” and that he hates them. He probably spoke of Westerns, though he never mentioned them. A threat? a joke? I don’t know. But something is surely changing in the dialogue between East and West. worst

– I read the health protocol For municipal elections and referendums June 12. Currently. Please be careful. Now we go maskless everywhere, apart from some lightened “hope” memory of Gaeta. Can you explain to me what is the point of writing the rules requiring Italians to wear surgery only to enter the polling station (when they go to the disco without) and to force them – I’m not kidding – to sanitize their hands three times, I say three, within 30 seconds?

Small note. Medvedev He shot her too big, which is unacceptable. But I remember Mayo, who was scandalized for having just two months ago made this great diplomatic move when he called the head of the Kremlin an “animal”. what goes around comes around

– to the west 007s China He is building a secret military base in Cambodia. Let’s just hope they don’t use it in virus and bat experiments

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– Gasoline touches again Euro. Since the start of the war, we have paid an average of five euros extra for a full tank. Calculate the number of refueling times and ask yourself a question: how long will we be able to maintain the “effort” in the war in Ukraine?

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