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Incentives for electric cars 2022, discounted prices for the most famous 10 cars

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The Car Incentives, the ruling was signed by Prime Minister Draghi, with new funds earmarked for electric and plug-in hybrids and low-emission heat-sucking cars, the latter category also including light hybrids and full hybrids. According to a logic commensurate with the price of the car, most of the big bonuses relate to electric cars (class between 0 and 20 g/km of CO2 emissions) with a contribution of €3,000, to which another €2,000 could be added if a matching car is canceled at the same time In the category below Euro 5. To understand the impacts that can occur, we examined the ten best selling electric cars in Italy in the first quarter of 2022, taking into account the initial price list and those derived from the application of two incentive hypotheses. Since contributions are paid for the purchase of cars at a price not exceeding 35,000 euros + VAT, we took into account those whose price does not exceed 43,000 euros. In addition, some models or combinations slightly exceed but presumably manufacturers will reduce them just enough so that they are not left out of the feature. here complete guide All shapes and types of four-wheelers and two-wheelers that get the discount.

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