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First images, rumors, release date and competitors – Corriere.it

First images, rumors, release date and competitors – Corriere.it

Some footage of the Ferrari Purosangoy, the much-anticipated first SUV for the home of Maranello, has been leaked. It will be introduced in October 2022 with expected market reach the following year

The first pictures of the SUV have been leaked Authentic Ferrari: two shots Captured inside the Maranello factory In it, the much awaited pre-series sample of the Purosangue SUV was fully revealed for the first time. The footage was posted on Instagram by a profile specializing in spy photos, and was taken in Italy by Alvolant.

Ferrari style

In the first shot you can see front of the car, which is distinguished by a very elongated hood with two cams, a barely-tipped grille and sharp, slim headlights, which in their shape resemble those already seen in the Ferrari Roma. Also of note are the rounded wheel arches covered in smooth plastic and the conspicuous void in the height of the front doors that fades toward the tail.


The same Instagram page also posted picture from the back, where you can see the slanted rear window of reduced dimensions and the semi-vertical tailgate where the two lamps connected by LED strip are placed. The intake area, which is made of raw plastic, is somewhat overwhelming, with the four circular exhaust pipes making a nice show. In general, the car can be appreciated for a particularly dynamic body shape, despite the important dimensions of the car (It should be 5 meters long) and for some stylistic ideas is already appreciated on the Ferrari Roma.

Ferrari Purosangue: Release Date

Ferrari Purosangue will be revealed in October 2022With its expected market arrival in 2023, there will be competitors in the caliber of the Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX, Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan just waiting. The Maranello house has repeatedly said that despite being an SUV, the Purosangue will still be a true Ferrari with an elevated range. under cover a V12 naturally aspirated Instead, Several hybrid versions With a V6 accompanied by an electric motor powered by an external rechargeable battery. It will be built on an aluminum frame with a front motor. Obviously, being an SUV, there will be specific off-road modes that can be selected from the special winch in the central tunnel. This is a highly predictable model that will ensure excellent profit margins and also allow for increased production volumes.

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