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In the Italian Hockey League, teams were defeated in their first appearance to draw in the second game of the quarterfinals – FISG

In the Italian Hockey League, teams were defeated in their first appearance to draw in the second game of the quarterfinals – FISG

The playoffs have begun and the IHL is back on track right after Saturday’s games. Four matches valid for Chapter 2 of the quarter-finals – best-of-five – scheduled for Tuesday night on the slopes of the squads that debuted away from home: very important matches because Saturday’s winners can already reach match point, while defeats must be enforced to rebalance the series . In the event of a tie, the “short” extra time (5 minutes in 3 vs. 3) will be played again before any penalties.

The first match will be played at 8 pm between Dobbiaco and Bergen. Pusteresi lost the first match 2-1, playing it to the end, against a Pergine team that found two Foltin goals and benefited from a very focused defense. On the main track, the Icebears will be looking for the spark they lost several weeks ago to establish themselves and rebalance the series, but they will need a game with as few errors as possible and above all plenty of offensive realism to undercut a delicate defense of Trentino players. For their part, the Lynxes will as usual try to prove cynicism in offense so they fly 2-to-0 and have three matches available to reach the semi-finals. Zandonella returns to the stewards’ ranks after missing the first race due to disqualification.

At 20.30 the other three races start, starting with the Como race. After the coup in Game 1, the Larians made their first appearance inside the friendly walls to look for an apparition, They again show all their qualities against the young pirates. The experience gained in many fights by Massimo Da Rin’s players can tip the scales on their side, with players of the caliber of Re or De Biasio knowing how to counter these matches to the fullest. iban, Whoever will find Engel again after his disqualification needs a change of pace to prove himself far away, in a situation that is not easy given the long game that awaits Martella’s team. During the season, however, Giallobl had already managed to overturn unfavorable predictions on several occasions.

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At the same time ValdiFiemme-Caldaro will start, The main match for the Trentino team after the additional defeat in the first match. Costner’s team started to struggle in Caldaro but then managed to tie the game back before giving up at 62:03, and now a more realistic match would be required to impact the series. Especially between the second and third periods, in fact, Fiemmesi had many chances but failed to materialize, it would take an offensive change of pace to stop Caldarrow who wouldn’t have the suspended Simon Vinatzer but would still start from very strong. The list, which, with the start of the qualifiers, saw the return of important elements such as De Donà and Michael Felderer. It’s reasonable to expect a very balanced challenge as episodes can be crucial.

The Bressanone-Varese program is closing, with the Falcons making their first home appearance after a Game-1 battle. Several tough contacts marked the first 60 minutes, ones in which Varese responded to Precennes’ physique with equal combativeness. Balbani 4-1 showed how Mastiffs have a lot of attacking potential and they want to resume that against a Bressanone team who will have to take every opportunity and try to protect their cage as best they can, looking for a tie that would keep the series alive otherwise it would be difficult He turned him over if the Lombards led 2-0.

Italian Hockey League – Qualifiers – Quarterfinals – Match 2 – March 7, 2023 – Best of Five

20:00 AHC Toblach Dobbiaco Icebears – Hockey Pergine Sapiens
20:30 HC Falcons Brixen Bressanone – HCMV Varese Hockey
20:30 Valdifiemme HC – SV Kaltern Caldaro rothoblaas
8:30 PM Hockey Como – HC Eppan Appiano ANet

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So in the first game of the IHL quarter-finals

HCMV Varese Hockey – HC Falcons Brixen Brixen 4: 1
Bergen Sabines Hockey – AHC Toblach Dobbiaco Icebears 2: 1
SV Kaltern Caldaro rothoblaas – Valdifiemme HC 2: 1 OT
HC Eppan Appiano ANet – Hockey Como 1: 3

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