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Football – Atlético Castiglione defeats Voltesse (2-1) and flies into the second category

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Castiglione Atlético Castiglione won the final 2-1 and celebrated their well-deserved promotion in front of their fans. Mastiff “apprentice” formation, in its first year of life, immediately achieves the big goal and will play in the second next season. Still, it was an accurate goal for Voltez (the qualifiers are obviously fascinated by mountain-town teams), which still came off a pretty high header. He had to win and try to the end. He also ended the first half with a deceptive advantage signed by Peggy, but it was reversed in the second half by goals from D’Amico and Pirani. Let’s get into the news. The match begins when the hosts are very determined to immediately steer the match to their side. Atletico Castiglione dribbled better, while the visitors tried to re-start the counter-attack, especially with long balls from the defence. However, on the 22nd minute, Voltese took the lead: a free kick from 20 meters in the middle by Lo Re, Peggy anticipated everyone with a header and beat the cross on his left. In the next minutes, coach Bontempo’s men took control of the game, almost doubling Sangermano. On the other hand, the hosts are no longer able to appear in the attack zone and suffer from the initiative of their opponents. The direction of the match seemed to be geared in Voltese’s favour, but fortunately for Atlético, the first half ended with just one goal difference.
Coach Vaccari’s boys enter the field in the second half with a different attitude, pressing high and leaving no room for opposing initiatives. In the 68th minute, Savi came out of the goal with the intention of controlling the ball, but he mistimed and knocked D’Amico into the penalty area. The latter, after receiving the shot from the penalty spot, allows the goalkeeper to hypnotize himself, but he manages to save the denied goal with a header. In the following minutes, the tension builds on both teams and the game becomes very tense and distracted (the sixteen yellow cards are proof of this). In the 78th minute, Atlético finally snuffed out the visitors’ hopes: a great choral work in the attacking area, Cappellini’s cross from the right and a fantastic acrobatic finish for Pirani 2-1. In the end, Voltese tries to make herself dangerous but without worrying too much for show. Thus, Atletico Madrid won a difficult and inconspicuous final, which legitimized a well-deserved promotion.

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