May 30, 2023

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“In the end the professional side prevailed” – RSI Switzerland Radio and Television

At least for some gates outside Gotthard it looked like from the start a return to Romandie, but in the end Jonny Kneubuehler opted to extend his adventure in Ambrì for another season, which has now run since the 2018-19 season. A decision made by the person formally on the last night, which the person concerned explained on the sidelines of the Christmas dinner at Biancoblo in Davos: “I will not hide it, I thought a lot about what to do, and it took me several weeks to reach a final decision. However, in the end I gave priority For ice hockey and Umbro, because the sensations that I have been carrying with me lately have only been positive. Just think, for example, of the line I use (with Heim and Bürgler ed.)”.

At one time I thought a lot, so I chose

As logical as Libra is, there were also aspects relating to private life and above all to family feelings: “It’s true, it’s like that. Family is very important to me, because I’m very close to both my close relatives and friends. That’s why it wasn’t easy to make a decision Immediately, but in the end I evaluated it from a professional point of view. I will be here for another year and I am happy in this way.

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