Home entertainment In the end, I lost my mom. Series review on Disney+

In the end, I lost my mom. Series review on Disney+

In the end, I lost my mom.  Series review on Disney+

Toby Fleischmanna 41-year-old hepatologist from New York, is going through a new phase in life: the end of his marriage to Rachel has left him in limbo between the past and the future, a mixture of resentment and regret tempered. From excessive use of a dating app and the tantalizing promise that sex will soothe her fears. The delicate balance of children, work, and privacy is disturbed by the sudden disappearance of his wife, a mystery Toby cannot solve without retracing the reasons for their breakup.

In his basic summary, Fleishman in pieces – on Disney + from February 22, 2023 — might look like a series centered around its male lead, A.J Jesse Eisenberg Perfectly positioned as a millennial in existential and emotional crisis, grappling with anxieties, fears, and a fast escape route. Her story is told by her friend in an almost fantastic tone Libby (Lizzy Caplan) And he moves through the streets and buildings of New York, echoing the interpretive style of Woody Allen.

There are a lot of manager Harry in pieces, starting with the reference to the address. Eisenberg’s Toby Fleischmann shares above all the nervous chatter and gibberish that is a hallmark of the acting of both actors. However, the Doctor’s romantic and marital adventures are only the outer patina of the story, and behind the cracks of its pieces the true heart of the series is hidden.

Like the best seller of the same name before Tavi Brodesser Akner for the year 2019, Fleishman in pieces It may seem “just” a man’s story Gen X and Millennials overlapped With all its more objective elements (consummated marriages, career, gender, place in the world, etc.) but sinceThe only way to get someone to listen to a woman is to tell her story through a manHere the hero directs the story and in the background is the female.

Rachel Claire Danes She is an elusive figure, realized through Fleischmann’s experience, his malice and his shortcomings (emotional and physical), but this is only the picture her ex-husband painted and it is only the first coat of paint under which she hides the key to the mystery This is not so much Toby, but above all a woman, a woman and its socially assumed role in the family environment.

Fleishman in pieces It’s a hard string to set as a type and as a target: It needs a very specific audience, not only millennials but now a large portion of them have already gone through some crossovers that are (not necessarily true) essential on the path of life. If hooked, the suspenseful fairy tale and Woody Allen style ensure quality entertainment.

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