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In the case of Juventus, the hypothesis is growing that he will make it past the end of the season

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Pending the decision of Coni’s guarantee board, the risk is growing that the case linked to Juventus could extend, in terms of final sentences, beyond the end of the current season. As reported by Gazzetta dello Sport, the roadmap can be very complex in the potential case that the College of Assurance must decide to refer to the FIFA Court of Appeal for a re-determination of the penalty.

In this hypothesis, if the guarantee college were to announce itself today, a maximum of 30 days would be required for the reasons. Then the Court of Appeal could not meet before another 15 days with a decision that could be appealed (albeit only for “violation of the law”) in another 30 days. In essence, everything is very close to being finished by June 30th.

However, even the full 15-point annulment risks taking the case beyond the June 30 deadline, which could lead to a decision next season. Which now seems almost certain with regard to the second line of investigation, which is the one related to salary maneuvers and relationships with clubs and agents, to the point that even referrals are slow to arrive.

It is not only a matter of timing but also of the urgency of the sentence. A question about which nothing can be ruled out, not even the ICAO Court of Appeal overturns Article 4 of the indictment, focusing instead on breaches of Article 31 on administrative violations that can lead to a fine with a warning at most. However, if punishment is followed, it must be painful: for Juventus, it should have an impact on the final outcome, in this case Champions League qualification.

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However, Article 8, Paragraph G clarifies: “A penalty of one or more points in the standings; if the penalty is ineffective in terms of damage in the current sporting season, it shall be deducted in whole or in part in the following sporting season.” So there is a risk that in the event of a painless punishment everything will slide into the next season. Without forgetting the UEFA worker, who opened an investigation, but is awaiting the rulings of Italian sports justice for evaluation and intervention.

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