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“Empoli are playing excellent football, and we have to express ourselves at the top”

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The Azzurri coach, who is still ineligible, warned his team against the background of the match against Andreazzoli’s team.

“L”Empoli It should be evaluated with great interest. They have an arrangement that allows them to be comfortable. they are Suggest a great football We know very well that to win this challenge we must play at the highest level. We should Unleash the best performance“. Technical Naples Luciano Spalletti On the microphones of Kiss Kiss Napoli Radio on the eve of the championship match against the Tuscans.

“The biggest mistake we could make is to regard the match with Empoli as the one between Leicester and Milan. Andrezzoli is a team in good shape, with a rating that allows him to come and play freely. We risk underestimating the commitment. Empoli has a subtle identity both on the pitch and as a club. Corse is doing Great job and I congratulate them. Empoli is still my home and when I can go there because my mother lives too – he added – I know Andrezuli very well, I’ve been working with him as a collaborator and I know he has a high quality as a coach. I was able to appreciate all his abilities, just by looking at how he plays Empoli to understand that he is a capable, intelligent and balanced coach.”

“I can expect Insigne, Anguissa and Lozano to be called. Don’t ask me about the team because I still have to evaluate many things in these past 24 hours. We have different solutions, but what matters is that you play great the match. Only 500 seats in the First division.? Few? – he added with a laugh – I aim for the number 1000, until I reach a thousand games on the bench, I don’t stop.”

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Spalletti then spoke about the two-day ineligibility of the race which will prevent him from appearing on the bench again tomorrow: “I am a little disappointed because there are meetings where cooperation between the players on the field and the institutions – and therefore also with the referee class – is invoked. – But it is difficult after So making a simple and collaborative comparison.”

On the president’s words, he added: “De Laurentiis said I was the best coach in his history at Naples? I thank the president for the kind words. He is a president who has lived in football, so if he says these things he is good. He almost puts him in difficulties. He has brought great coaches and great players to the club. Naples. But direct comparisons between the past and the present are impossible. The president’s words to me encourage us to work hard in the same direction. However, the correct count of the sheep will be in the month of May, when the sum of the points brought home will be counted. “

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