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Football has nothing to do with the Corona virus: science says so

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The study conducted by the Universities of Basel and Saarland confirms that the prevalence of outdoor sports is very small

quarantine in soccer? no thanks. Study of the universities of Basel and Saarland published British Journal of Sports Medicine and report it Sky Sports, denies a direct link between the practice of the most popular sport in the world and its spread Corona VirusThe chances of infection in the field are minimal. According to the research of the two universities, isolation measures for competing teams would not be justified if there was no close contact between the infected and the negative outside the context of the game. The study was conducted on 1,300 suspected cases of injury to the football field and was funded by German Football Association, the German Football Association, covering the professional, amateur and youth sectors between August 2020 and March 2021.

Coronavirus, football and field. Of certainty by the way, not even a shadow, not even this time. There were only 104 cases in which there was a “high probability” that an injured player had participated in training or matches. During the competition, contacts are likely to be able to transmit Corona Virus Rare and of almost short duration: only in 2 of 104 cases analyzed Field transmission cannot be completely ruled out. But be careful: the study of science precedes the spread of the delta variant and the protocols in place did not take into account the absence of symptoms …

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