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In space, enemies can appear at any time with leaps between space –

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Apparently players starfield They will have to be especially careful while traveling in space, even when there is no threat in sight, such as i enemies may appear anywhere and anytimeteleportation who knows where.

When analyzing a gameplay video presented during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022, some Reddit users note that in a sequence showing space travel, two enemy ships appear out of nowhere, preceded by flashes, later attacking the player.

The most reasonable explanation is that the ships in Starfield are capable of executing gods spatial jumps at the speed of light. It is possible that the player will be able to use them to quickly travel from one point to another in the galaxy, but it seems that the enemies will be able to do the same. Thus, this means that we will never be safe as a potential threat can appear anywhere and at any time.

Starfield is expected to appear on Xbox Series X | S and PC in first half of 2023. Some users also discovered, by analyzing the Xbox Showcase presentation video, the terrifying Easter egg.

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