November 28, 2023

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“In Soleil Sorge everything passes”

After the discussion between Sophie Codegoni and Soleil Sorge, there was an air of tension between the tenants of the Big Brother Vip. Here’s how Mirjana and Katya commented on what happened.

Soleil rise Divide the house from big brother vip And some of Cinecittà’s tenants are tired of the touching blonde’s aggressive words. after Angry fight with Sophie CodegoniAnd Mirjana Trevisan e Katia Ricciarelli They talk about a situation SoleilDefinitely disappointed by what happened in the house.

Older brother Vib, Mirjana Trevisan thunders against Solly Sorge

In the past few hours, an uproar broke out in the family home Big Brother VIP, Because of A clash between Soli Sorge and Sophie Codegoni. Blonde influencer accusedEx tronista of men and women of misuse Plastic surgery, to be an empty person and to cooperate with him Janmaria Antinolfi without causing an emotional spark. The rough and sassy tones of Soleil They left everyone speechless too much Katia RicciarelliAlthough she always tried to understand her classmate, she was annoyed.

Many have defended Sufi, included Gianmaria who criticized Sully, Guilty of not understanding the seriousness of his words. Mirjana Trevisan, with worries Just can not coexist, joined the protests and I let off steam with Katya, recognition: “What I think is that Sulli always lets everything pass. If the criticisms are constructive, I’m OK with them. Otherwise, no.” The Sopranos agreed with Mirjana, adding: “This way of working is very violent.”.

the rest Katia was the first to take Sophie’s defensesAsks Soleil To stop bringing up the topic of surgery. It is violent and fierce. You don’t stress about certain things, the language is very aggressive”commented mirjana. The showgirl is very upset about what happened, while Soleil She continued to defend her point of view, confident that she had simply told an uncomfortable truth about her colleague.

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