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In Prime Video, a thriller full of suspense and tension in extreme anxiety scenarios

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Are you looking for a movie between suspense and tension in which the heroes of the movie hide untold secrets? Here’s an interesting story that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Could a dream vacation turn into a nightmare with dark implications? The broadcast of a movie creates an air of mystery around a cast of characters who would never have hinted at such disturbing effects.

that it “rentDirector’s first movie Dave Francoreleased in 2010 and available to view on Amazon Prime Video In the category Thriller movie.

The film’s premises are positive, thanks to the ability to build and keep tension high, particularly in the plot construction of the first part.

However, there are some clichés of narrative tendencies associated with ambiguity and tension that have already been seen in previous productions associated with this direction.

The cast sees young supporters Dan Stevens, Alison Brie and Sheila Vand (She is best known for her role in the Oscar-winning film”ArgonBy Ben Affleck), Jeremy Allen White.

An hour and a half in which the viewer stays connected to the screen, waiting for how a story in which the key word is: dark secrets will unfold.

If you want to spend an evening with a movie on Prime Video, with popcorn in hand, plaid and want a compelling story, you can consider this movie that came out a bit quietly, to be accepted.

Unintelligible judgments come from those who have seen this film: there are those who liked it very much, those who found some of the usual developments, which is why they did not fully appreciate the film.

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But criticism of the main characters’ interpretations turned out to be positive and widely credible.

Are you curious to know more?rent“?


Watch the trailer and read the story

The story revolves around the events of a couple of friends. The four of them decide one day to spend a weekend out of town and rent an amazing ocean view villa online where they can spend two days between relaxing and having fun.

Once you reach the place, strange sensations begin to take shape.

What was supposed to be a holiday filled with good feelings, on the other hand, turns into a real nightmare.

It all starts from the personality of the homeowner, an individual with sinister traits and behaviors.

The atmosphere gradually darkens, and there is no shortage of tension that grows more and more. But the problem isn’t just that place that seems haunted.

It will be discovered that the four friends also hide dark secrets that emerge during their stay, and that there is growing suspicion that their movements are being spied on by the villa owner.

What’s hiding in this gorgeous, secluded ocean house? What is really behind the lives of the four protagonists, which seem basically serene and normal?

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