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In Canada, Trudeau won the election but did not win a majority

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The Liberal Party of Canada won the general election, according to the predictions of the Canadian broadcaster CBC, Marking the third consecutive victory of its leader, Justin Trudeau. However, it loses the race to win a majority of seats: according to estimates, the Liberals will get 156 seats (so below the 170 threshold required for a majority); Conservatives 123, Independent Creation of Black Quebecois 29, Left 28 of the New Democrats and two Greens.

Trudeau, who won a third consecutive victory after his first exploitation in 2015, will have to enlist the help of other parties to rule. Not a major political victory: The prime minister wanted elections two years before the deadline, in an attempt to regain the majority his party lost in 2019 and to lead a stable and intimidating minority government. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

Canada, Tic Tac Toe and Turbans: Singh Challenges Trudeau to Dance

By our correspondent Anna Lombardi

“Thank you for voting, trusting the Liberal team and choosing a better future,” Justin Trudeau tweeted. “We are about to end the war on Govt-19. We will create a better future for Canadians. And – we will continue to move forward together,” he said. The Liberal Prime Minister said he had a “clear mandate” to continue the government’s path out of the epidemic, while acknowledging that Canadians did not want to think about politics or elections.

The results suggest a slight shift in the attitude of liberals who have accumulated record-breaking debt and massive budget deficits in overcoming Govt-19. One of the priorities of Trudeau’s new mandate, along with the climate emergency, he promised: “Our team, our government is ready.”

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Elections in Canada, at the polls today: The upward path to Trudeau

Trudeau’s team is getting ready, in fact already ready, the result of which will be a severe blow to the right – wing conservatives. Erin O’Toole Tried to take a centrist approach to impress progressive voters. The news agency reported Reuters, O’Toole called the Liberal leader and challenged him to put Canada’s unity first: “I told him the Conservative Party would be ready if he thought he could threaten Canadians with another election in 18 months.” He announced to his party supporters. In his hometown of Oshawa, east of Toronto.

In Canada, Trudeau’s star is declining ahead of early elections

By our correspondent Anna Lombardi

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