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The Classico Referee Whistle comes from Canada and was designed in 1984.

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This weekend Classico’s Whistle between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Santiago Bernabeu comes directly from Canada, a product of a family business that produces 15,000 pieces a day.

“Classico” between Real this Sunday Madrid And Barcelona It will be played with a Fox40. Appointed arbitrator, Juan Martinez Munuera, Uses this popular Canadian WhistleCalled the product of the family business Produces 15,000 per day . It sells 170,000 a year in Spain, including sports, defense and first aid. Its inventor, Ron Foxcraft, told EFE how he created it in the 1970s: “I discovered Very exciting Whenever the World Cup came on TV, the referees would see my whistle or they would use it at the Olympics, because I was a referee at the 1976 Montreal Summer Games, “Whistle’s father explains. 140 countries The world average price is $ 8 per unit and in recent decades it has become one of the most popular among referees in all kinds of competitions such as the World Cup or the NBA. Because these whistles are so popular Their 115 decibels did not drop in rainfall. Its price 5.99 (Classic one) and 9.19 euros for those with a silicone mouthpiece, selected to prevent teething and have a more comfortable grip.

In 1984, during the pre-Olympic Games in S பாo Paulo, Brazil, Foxcraft whistled in front of 15,000 spectators. “That’s enough. Someone has to design a whistle so that it doesn’t fail,” I said to myself. When I returned to Canada, I A designer and industrial engineer was hired, Chuck Shepherd, recently deceased genius. We have been working together for a year and a half. We hired another engineer, a PhD scientist and music teacher in sound, who “recalled Foxcraft.” Three and a half years later, we finally have two prototypes, the Fox 40 Classic, “he added. For two months he had not actually sold a cabbage. Until 1987, I was a referee at the Pan American Games that year in the American city of Indianapolis … “Foxcraft took two of his prototypes, which cost him 150,000 euros, and at 2:00 a.m. one day he began to whistle in the apartment where the rest of the referees were staying. . ”People ran, captivated by the beautiful punching, the pulse, the 120 decibel whistle sound. Asked if he could buy one. I, following the advice of my wife Mary, told them why it was not possible My supply is all depleted. But if they want, they can place new orders, “he says with a smile. That week, Foxcroft sold 20,000 whistles At the price of six euros each and laid the foundation of his empire.

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