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In Canada, coyotes attack humans: they are feared to be narcotics

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Four days after bears and chimpanzees in South Africa killed gorillas by climate change, another disturbing habit of the animal world came from Canada. Three coyote attacks on humans.

According to conservation officials at Stanley Park in Vancouver, “humans and coyotes are struggling to coexist due to a number of factors contributing to ‘abnormal behavior’ in wildlife.” In a recent attack, a man was bitten on the leg while walking near a golf course. Earlier in the day a woman and child had come to the park. In addition to these three events, there are dozens of reports of “aggression encounters”.

Until a few years ago, coyote attacks were rare. Now the struggle for food and territory has led them to urbanization, but they do not attack humans, especially because of their small size and nature. According to Professor Shelley Alexander, the increase in homeless camps in the park has pushed dogs into areas where there is more contact with people. But their diet makes it worse. In fact, coyotes appear to be “carelessly ingested toxins or drugs, possibly opioids.” Therefore, “this may be the main reason for the abnormal behavior we see, which led them to avoid biting.”

During the close encounter, the foreigner advises, “Use screaming, raising hands, clapping or, if you have an umbrella, scaring the coyote and keeping it at a safe distance.”

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