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Did Blue Box delete several tweets related to the game? –

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Among the mysterious Sony announcements that were scheduled to happen this week, someone obviously thought too Uninhabited And the game has made a comeback, but not for good news, it seems: famous designer Lance MacDonald, in these hours, pointed out how Blue Box Team Owns Delete multiple tweets Past facts about mysterious PS5 game features.

According to reports from MacDonald, who is so famous especially in the spirit-like community that he has become a kind of celebrity in the field, Blue Box had deleted most of the tweets in which he explained some of the traits of the abandoned and also the reasons why the popular demo of the game weighed 6GB, although It contains only very short animations. This was, according to the developers, because there was a lot of other content inside that had to be unlocked later.

Lance MacDonald has proven himself so much critic Against Blue Box and Abandoned, he also previously reported a strong suspicion that the entire story might in fact be a bit of a hoax, so even in this case his messages point to the fact that the game may have been cancelled. “After several months, all of these tweets were deleted, and I don’t think the game ever existed,” MacDonald said.

However, some tweets are still visible, at least for now, like the one below that references the Blue Box blog with a roadmap with the announcement of Abandoned’s dedicated “real-time experience app”. In short, the mystery is destined to continue and the game will likely remain at the center of many theories until new official information emerges, but in the meantime we also report these mysterious differences in this regard.

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