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How and where to shop weekly cheaply with smarts and avoid waste

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For families, especially large ones, shopping once a week isn’t just a practice, it’s practically a ritual. However, maybe after two carts are filled, there is always something missing during the week.

Detergent is often lacking, just like some foods, despite frequent consumption in the family. So let’s see, smart, save and avoid waste, how to do the shopping each week that really lasts for seven days. Thus, avoid going to buy additional products in the neighborhood store, which, as a rule, offers higher prices.

How and where to shop weekly cheaply with smarts and avoid waste

In detail, the first rule of really smart shopping is to make the menu at home. without throwing it away. Because the family in general always consumes the same things, so the previous shopping list always serves as the basis for preparing a new shopping list in large organized distribution.

On the other hand, the discount is the answer to how and where to shop at low cost. However, it would be better to do your weekly shopping at two different discount stores, specifically in order to maximize the savings.

Go in this case to compare flyers to offers carefully. Because as usual, just to give an idea, there is a discount where buying cured meat is really convenient and another, instead, where the pasta It is at a reduced price, and therefore, it is possible to stock up.

Having said that, every time you go shopping, before you get to checkout, it’s a good idea to recheck the list and see if all the items listed are really essential in your cart. Remember, specifically, if the product that was put in the cart at home is still already there.

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In the discount store, maximum attention is paid to the label, expiration date and order of products

In addition, even if it is a discount store, you should always pay close attention to the arrangement of products on the shelf. As for eye height, there are generally products that cost more or in any case guarantee the largest profit margins for the supermarket.

While, in general, on the lower shelves there are presented products or, in any case, the least expensive. In any case, before placing the products in the shopping cart, it is always necessary to read the label and check the expiration date.


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