Home sport Imperia beat Angelo Bayardo 5 goals to 2. Away match/report and scoreboard

Imperia beat Angelo Bayardo 5 goals to 2. Away match/report and scoreboard

Imperia beat Angelo Bayardo 5 goals to 2. Away match/report and scoreboard

Ben finished 5 goals from Imperia and 2 from Angelo Bayardo Today's challenge for The Nerazzurri away. On target forImperia Calcio Chirdi, Cassata, Scalzi Then Scalzi and Zardi again.


The first half

3′ The first episode for Imperia with Shirdi, who sent a header to Cassata, who with a sharp dribble evaded the marker and finished the ball from a few meters and found the rebound with the goalkeeper's foot in the corner.

9′ Priozo's shot from the edge of the penalty area is very weak and does not worry Sela

15′ Imperia in front! Shirdi Ballistic Gemwho shot a wonderful curling ball near the left corner of the penalty area, sending the ball to the far post

18′ Imperia's lead lasts just three minutes. Gallery takes care of her, He entered the area from the right side, and restored balance to the fate of the match with a strong finish

24′ Imperia takes the lead again! Crooked Cassata Who, having penetrated the field, beating several rivals, scored by beating the outgoing goalkeeper with a precise inside touch.

28' Oliviero's left foot at the near post, Sela carefully covered it and executed a corner kick.

30′ Angelo Bayardo is dangerous again with an incursion from Eovaldi, whose drop goes outside the net

33' Three for Imperia! Barefoot Serving vertically, it went past the goalkeeper and into the empty net

35′ Imperia risks the spread, one step away from the fourth goal first with Ventri (a shot from below saved by the outgoing goalkeeper) and then with Cassata whose shot was blocked on the goal line by a defender.

36′ Angelo Bayardo excitingly reopens it! A back pass from the Nerazzurri defender brings Sella into play, and Gallery intercepts his foot pass and scores by taking advantage of the error.

40′ Castagna was booked for protesting on the bench

the other half

53′ Booker Nerazzurri, brilliant execution by Scalzi Free kick awarded for a foul on Cassata. The perfect example of overcoming the barrier

58′ Ventri intercepts a ball coming from the goalkeeper's clearance and finishes it with a powerful kick, forcing Ferrari to make a difficult save.

61' Gandolfo and Faido come on for Leo and Ventri

63′ The fifth goal for Imperia! Shirdi with an overhead kick It takes advantage of the incorrect disengagement of the local rear guard and creates another goal of excellent workmanship

65' Mauricio comes on for Scalzi

66′ Peavy enters for Cassata

69′ Rafunculi enters Comioto and Campanella enters Collamoria

76′ Buccaterra replaces Eovaldi

78′ Rafunculi booked

80′ Chance for Angelo Bayardo with Picardo finishing from the center of the area to find the opponent from the ground

81′ Pavi enters the gallery place

89′ Garrone was booked for a foul on Giglio

Three minutes of stoppage time

The match ended with a score of 2-5

Angelo Bayardo Imperia 2-5 (15′ Shirdi 18′ Gallery 24′ Casata 33′ Scalzi 36′ Gallery 53′ Scalzi 63′ Shirdi)

Angelo Bayardo: Ferrari, Colamoria (69' Campanella), Garrone, Garbarino, Bagnato, Nabello, Zuberoli, Oliviero, Gallery (81' Pavi), Iovaldi (76' Buccataera), Priozzo.

Available: Piazzi, Pascucci, De Vincenzi, Picardo, Borani

Imperia: Sella, Comiotto (69′ Rafuncoli), Leo (61′ Gandolfo), Garibbo, Scaroni, Guida, Scalzi (65′ Moruccio), Giglio, Cassata (66′ Bevi), Ventri (61′ Faido), Schirdi

Available: Rinaldi, Costantini, Trocchi, Castania


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