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Chichi’s hand on Parma

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San Giusto, a city of 40 thousand people, is located 25 kilometers south of Buenos Aires. The pampa is the land of football and basketball. In 2001, there was an atmosphere of change: in South America, a world separated by tradition and ball profession, the winds that blew over Patagonia brought new air and surprises in store even on a sporting level. saga was born eggs, able to pass four Olympics and set an unrepeated path in basketball history. Basketball for Mano Ginobili, Scola, Sconuccini and Uberto, were the idols of the audience and the second after the king of Olympus sports: Diego Armando Maradona. At the age of eleven, Leandro Chichizola pursued basketball more than football, and also because of the wonders of these tall boys, he almost embraced it as a symbol of life, the ball in wedges.

In San Giusto, boys attended sports clubs where all sports are played and among those very young was Leo who stayed away from home all day to play basketball, football and tennis. Sometimes he took pleasure in swimming in the pool, and came home tired and with little desire to pursue books. Classic, at that age. Parents understand this. They were aware that he was always out to play with others, in the club 200 meters from home they could tolerate the quiet. Everyone in the neighborhood knew them, the Chichizola family: Leandro’s father is a doctor. It still works. The mother is now retired but was a pediatrician at the time. Everyone in the family had a profession to study: Leandro’s sister is a psychiatrist, and her brother is a cardiologist. In the doctors’ house, Leandro was the only voice from the choir. He played sports, but did not even imagine that he would become a football player. However, he started at university, but dropped out soon after.

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Maradona has nothing to do with it, or who knows who. He also watched football as a kid, of course. With the D10S by your side you feel protected, but when Maradona amazed the world, Leo watched the NBA more than football. In addition to Argentine gold, we were in full swing was Jordan and another legend, Bryant, was about to begin. At school, we wore a tank top, with the 23 most famous in sports and played basketball. Weird but true. Football took over later, when Leo was expelled for two years from the San Giustino basketball team.

He was the captain of the team and because he quarreled with one of the referees, he corrected a harsher penalty: the disqualification imposed for non-disciplinary conduct was originally for one year. The punishment was doubled due to the scarf he was wearing and Chichizola initially had to remain stationary for two years. For this reason, he turned to football. For someone with a sports career like yours, a two-year hiatus would be too heavy. And at the age of eleven, he entered the club gym with a desire to seriously go another path. His coach, Pjtu Garcia, knew his story: he knew all about him because he was one of the best athletes and he was told about it. “You are good with your hands, for me you have to play in the goalAnd this is where it started. Football gave him the opportunity to meet Maradona, become friends with Mascherano, exchange greetings with Messi, and go down in history because he saved a penalty kick in the 90th minute in the match against. in Monumental for teammate Saja, a feat that gave him an important place among River Plate fans.

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A reliable goalkeeper has arrived at Parma, a boy who is already on his mind what he should do and how he should do it. He has convinced everyone since the first games off the field that he is a man who goes almost unnoticed. He formed a group with the small Argentine colony of Parma, with Lautaro Valente, Vasquez and Estevez: they drink a mate and listen to music from their parties in the locker room. He would never have imagined working alongside a legend like Gigi Buffon, whose exploits he appreciates on the other side of the world. And every day he tries to learn from his captain. The tradition of the Argentines in Parma is very flourishing. Veron, Crespo, Sencini, Balbo and Ortega all passed through here, leaving important footprints and trophies on the facade. and so on. Now there is, by chance, a soccer player, a professional goalkeeper who dreams of being a basketball player, and if he had gotten worse with basketball, he would have gone back to music. Founding a band: He had to be the drummer!

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