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Imolese, change of ownership with desire for facts

Imolese, change of ownership with desire for facts

The change of ownership is different from the norm, not only because there were moments of emotion but also because the new Imolese will have an organizational scheme for the company that was not so numerous before.

honest and sincere tears

These are the ones who Antonio de Sarlo finished his year and a half as owner of an emoleese passing from hand to religious: tears of those who now see what was not there last year, this is a close-knit group of men who are cooperating with him and that, if he can return, he will not forsake him . “I started with enthusiasm and euphoria last year, and then, in the middle of the process, the corporate problems that convinced me of the need to sell emerged. Thanks to Elisa Tasinari and studio D’Andrea Ragone, we settled the turmoil that had been created: after the redemption I met Deni and Callari and with four words and five minutes we immediately explained. However, having given my word on the fact that there was no more will to continue, I did not return, even if I left today reluctantly due to the good work done by Reggie, coach and all the insiders. In this Imola region, I find everything that should be in a football club, I see the values ​​of humility, collecting spirit and above all seriousness which is what is required after professionalism. I leave Imola in good hands and hope that… (he says weeping and his voice breaks with emotion) he has a better future. Were there other reasons? No, I’m calmer and less stressed now, everything has matured from the turmoil created by those who made money last year. I would advise the new owner to deal immediately with the status of the current contracts of Marton and Fontana: prioritize those contracts by following the initiatives already implemented by Emolis, we already have initiatives regarding these topics, two numbers that do not make and who earns money by taking their paychecks without looking at them. It takes courage to continue in this direction.”

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facts not words

“First of all, I would like to thank President de Sarlo – then begins Giuseppe Deni – with whom I am happy to meet: he has always and in any case proved a decent person, and in a few words we closed the agreement. I am also the President of Akragas to whom I am attached because I am from Agrigento, and we come To Imola, the arena for professionals where there is no pressure and which allows us to make a combination program between football and business.The reason we are at Imola is this, obviously because we are people who want to do a good job, we immediately presented a series of ideas: First Above all, we want Imolese to maintain and strengthen the category from an economic and commercial point of view.We have received requests from Chinese groups (at the table, Yuan Cheng, who will join the company, editor) and from Americans who have expressed their desire to approach Imola. There will be a commitment Important On my part and on the part of my group, we have always been men who, other than words, want to make facts speak.The president will be announced soon, at the moment here are the vice presidents, important names in the world of finance such as Dr. Franco Cuba and Dr. Sandro de Benedetto. will be manager Club Giuseppe Camarata. Security? Well, we found the synthesis, the transition occurred regularly in the forms prescribed by law. ”

no interruption

“I welcome the words of Denny and de Sarlo with affection and support – concludes CEO Luigi Conti – whose passion, humanity and entrepreneurship I share. For us, this is a commitment to maintaining the high level of contribution we can make to this arena, which deserves commitment and dedication as it is located in an important geographic context. What we will try to do is organize the Imolese machine correctly, and the organizational chart will be completed step by step: I am taking advantage of the cooperation of Di Gia who will be my vice in this adventure. We have no desire to overturn the sporting dimension. It is our responsibility to consider the value of what has been accomplished: we will meet with Antonioli and Righi, who have defined the roles, the main thing should be to understand whether the Imolese project for the Deni-Callari property will be shared by those currently present. in the Imola region

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