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Immortality: The Experimenter –

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We tried Immortality, an investigative game from the creator of its story, which breaks the mold and could easily outperform its predecessor.

When you think about the number of publishers and shows planned for June, it’s hard to think that a file Tribeca Film Festivalusually an authority in the field of cinema, could stand out in this strange orphan era of E3, however, just a few announcements were enough to immediately make us realize how carefully selected this year’s gaming division (an area, moreover, the organization recently launched seriously exploring).

Titles have been selected Tribeca’s Choice They grabbed our attention more than the entire night that a Summer Games Fest succeeded, and that’s even more impressive when you consider that we’re mostly talking about indie or projects with really small teams behind them.

The fact that the video game is not a super production does not mean, however, that it cannot have a rather heavy name behind it, and in the presented list we immediately discovered the good Sam Barlowremarkable author her story Introducing a new investigative game with similar connotations.

We can Try immortality For a good half an hour, it was gradually captured more and more by his mystery narration: that’s what we found out.

immortal artist

Immortality: Every unlocked movie will still be available in a handy interactive menu

When we compared Eternity to her story, the two games were not intended to be combined solely due to their use of real actors in the scenes: Barlow’s new work follows a similar structure to his “little brother” by presenting Video series to analyze it to make their way through the twisted events that it is all about.

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Not only that, once again the focus is on one woman: a mysterious actress by name Marisa Marcel, was suddenly chosen to play the hero of a gothic movie called Ambrosio and disappeared under unknown circumstances. Here, though, we’re clearly not having the simple escape from society of an actress on Sunset Boulevard, because Miss Marcel was not only part of a movie already released in theaters, but she also boasts a curious resistance to old age. . In fact, in the game, you can see that she struggles with three feature films lost in time, with the only connection being to always see her as the protagonist and seeming to be devoid of the slightest sign at the time (which is curious to say the least since the first film dates back to 1968 and the last year 99).

Eternity: Behind the scenes of Marisa's films is very important to understanding the events
Eternity: Behind the scenes of Marisa’s films is very important to understanding the events

Disassembling the skin is made more complicated, of course, by the fact that a file Storytelling It is not presented in a linear and chronological manner. It starts from the list of movies and moves to the next movies by stopping them and interacting with the items on the screen. Any object or person who is “prominent” in a scene leads to another video with direct links, and observing them in detail not only opens new information network chains, but also begins to piece together the puzzle pieces needed to understand where Miss Marcel is.

And let me tell you: the mystery It instantly becomes incredibly sexy. Barlow enlisted the help of three writers to set it up and take care of each undeniable scene. Each video is so well represented, that it gives the impression that it is part of the scenes of the film, not to mention the presence of interviews, footage of the events surrounding each action, and the huge amount of links between one video and another can lead to other conclusions with a simple click in the right area.

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Everything then flows very quickly, also due to the ability to easily control the time of each movie using the panel and to resume each video from where it was interrupted once you swipe it to the next. We assure you that it doesn’t take long to look suspiciously at any character interacting with Marisa in an atypical manner, or even just pictures and objects in the background that might lead to new clues.

mystical elements

Eternity: Time passes for everyone, but apparently not Miss Marcel.  How is that?
Eternity: Time passes for everyone, but apparently not Miss Marcel. How is that?

That wasn’t enough, the written work looked great again, given that the films about Marisa’s life are two suspense novels and one gothic, where there’s no shortage of clues and references to mystical elements Which is in line with the player’s imagination with the curious state of the “immunity of wrinkles”. In short, there is clearly a mystery with enormous potential to unravel, and Barlow’s work once again seems infallible in his ability to glue the player onto the screen. And that is enough for us to face this experience.

Even from a technical point of view, the game impressed us, but it was clearly not so for the graphics, because it is a cauldron of films with real actors. No, what amazed us was the interest in each material: The videos dating back to the 1960s and 1970s were carefully revised to look appropriate for their era and every scene from the film was clearly inspired by the directorial choices of cinematography for the era. Furthermore (and we find it very tangible), the game does not hesitate to present itself on Mature Audience Exclusive And able to appreciate their tiniest detail, so it offers powerful themes, violence, and nude scenes, without seemingly decontextualized (at least as far as we’ve had a chance to see at the moment). A bold choice that few developers would dare to make today.

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While following a structure slightly different from that of her story, Sam Barlow appears to have hit the mark once again this time with immortality. His latest work is a mature and gritty detective title, which manages to stick the player onto the screen almost instantly with its puzzles. This carefully curated, exciting, large interactive movie (particularly suited to the Tribeca selection, to tell the truth) could easily outperform its “predecessor,” even if the final quality of the story would clearly make or break the experience. But what we saw inspires a great deal of confidence.


  • The mystery at the base is full of possibilities and is very well managed
  • Great acting and great overall care
  • Mature and brave


  • It is not currently possible to assess the overall quality of the story

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