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Exclusion from GOTY from TGA 2021 distorts the entire industry, for Jez Corden –

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Jez Corden from Windows Central wasn’t too kind to the nominations Game Awards 2021. According to him excluded Forza Horizon 5 from category GOTY It discredits the entire video game industry and shows the event for what it is – just disguised marketing.

Corden’s reasoning is actually very linear and starts from how you come in Choose your nominations From the TGAs: The votes of a group of journalists and influencers make up 90% of the selection, the rest goes to the audience, so much so that it creates the paradox that the game with the best ratings of the year, also as among the most played, will not be able to look forward to the best award Games for 2021.

For Corden, TGA has shown for the umpteenth time that there is a coil intolerance Against sports, mobile games, and anything that doesn’t follow certain paradigms that video games borrowed from Hollywood. It’s a boring way of visualizing video games, which ends up rewarding big-budget games only with a cinematic story, betraying the richness represented by the diversity of genres and offerings that characterize the industry.

If we want, these are the same conclusions that Tommaso Pugliese made in yesterday’s novel Let’s talk about it.

Corden in the article also mentions other titles he believes were exclusive to GOTY for the same reasons, such as Returnal and Age of Empires IV.

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