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IKEA launches a product everyone is looking for: Revolution

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IKEA began selling solar panels in more than 11 countries, including Italy. The savings are guaranteed at very competitive rates but the surprises don’t end there.

The Swedish company is ready to revolutionize the photovoltaic world with a competitive sales proposition that will replace the competition.

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To keep up with the times it is necessary has evolvedExpanding views and satisfying customer requests. Once again, IKEA is open to change and ready to meet people’s needs In partnership with SunPower for sale Solar Panels. The house is at the heart of the Swedish company’s business Giving customers the opportunity to provide any environment with high quality products at reasonable prices. Now we move to the next level, energy saving and environmental protection. IKEA has always been attentive to the area, but now it’s about making a more significant mark in this area from renewable sources throw the gauntlet to Elon Musk Tesla Energy.

Ikea challenges Elon Musk in the field of renewable sources

IKEA has already put solar panels on sale In 11 European countries, including Italy, But he is not satisfied and wants to expand production abroad. Specifically, the company’s goal is California Become a direct competitor Elon Musk Tesla Energy in the field of renewable sources. Hint rumors in one Signing of a collaboration between IKEA and SunPower, The leading provider of solar technology and residential energy services.

The purpose of the company is to allow the sale of solar panels Competitive price Addressing in particular the citizens who wish to bring about a green change in energy production. The shows will initially start in the US, or rather in some regions California Then it gradually expanded to other states in America.

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The Swedish company never stops

customer contract a IKEA FAMILY card They will be able to purchase solar panels with special promotions starting next fall. Therefore, the project called Solar Home with IKEA will involve citizens Loyalty program subscribers With the aim of allowing them to take the necessary measures to meet their energy needs through the exploitation of renewable energy.

The Swedish company includes this project in a long list of initiatives aimed at supporting the promotion of renewable sources. Already activated in the US two wind farms, Two geothermal parks, two solar parks and seven biogas combustion cells were also installed Solar panels on roofs by 90%. From offices located all over the world. Will the shows also reach Europe and Italy? It is a hope for all citizens and IKEA FAMILY card holders but at the moment it is possible to take advantage of those already active who allow Significant savings in the installation of photovoltaic panels household.

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