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Lego set from Collolungo seen on the net –

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One lego set From Horizon Zero Dawn Based on long neck, one of the mechanical creatures in the game, was spotted among the products for sale from the German Wagner website, which may indicate the possibility of turning Aloy’s adventure into molds.

The page was removed shortly after it was seen by user brick_clicker and unfortunately did not include the product image. According to the information on the site, the Collolungo Horizon Zero Dawn set will be available from May 1, 2022 at a price €79.99 It is recommended for adults. A search of the product’s EAN number (5702017156491) allows you to find other European retailers who have already included this combination in their catalog, but without the exact address as in the case of Wagner.

The Horizon Lego page is set on the Wagner website

At the moment, Lego has not judged the existence of this set of Horizon Zero Dawn, but if confirmed, it could turn out to be the first series of products associated with the Guerrilla and Sony franchise.

In the meantime, a lot of new information has emerged about Forbidden horizon west From the latest edition of Game Informer, Guerrilla’s guys for the occasion talked about Aloy’s skills, specializations, fighting styles, secondary quests, and upgrades to weapons and clothing, as well as how the main characters will play a role that has a greater impact in the narrative.

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